Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2008 - A Loss and New Challenges

Lori Elayne Davis-Fields October 12, 1956 - February 14, 2007
After one month, complications from pneumonia took the life of our daughter. She had many friends, and will be missed by those who knew her. Her sister, Kristen, her two cousins, and her daughter were present at the end. Lori was a Christian, an accomplished pianist and a college graduate in Agri-Business. As a young woman she traveled as a wrangler for the Flying U Rodeo Company and for one winter lived in a line shack taking care of Momma cows and their babies. She was also employed as an accountant at a Cattle Sales Company, and at a northern California bank.
She had earned a scholarship in Photography. The mother of two daughters and 1 granddaughter, Ashley Nicole. She enjoyed gardening, animals and travel.

Our eldest daughter is in the hospital with pneumonia and complications. She is fifty-one. Fortunately, for Lori, daughter Kristen is at her bedside and is her health advocate. Kristen has always been there for her older sister over the years. We are praying Lori will come through and make a full recovery, her lungs are quite compromised so it will be touch and go.

The first new tatting challenge for '08 is a Valentine's Day exchange. I'm busy tatting hearts for applique. One large and two small hearts in a lovely red with Olympus Gold size 40 thread. The pattern is from Martha Ess' "Tats Amore" book of hearts. Lovely designs in that book.

Also due for Valentine's is the Denim Bag Project I've been tatting and gathering bits and pieces to be used from old practice 'stash'. This is for my Secret Sister in the LWML guild at my church. The pieces tatted for my friend who is a gardner and a musician were designed by Jane Eborall.
If time allows, I'll add a colcha embroidered scene on the back - but the tatting comes first - There is also tatted jewlery to be enclosed as a gift; but, that is from the shuttles of Marilee, Yarnplayer; far beyond my skill at present.

Then, there is Jane Eborall's Tat n See Project which I believe must be at least 3/4 completed. The participants are on Day Nine of the on going mystery pattern. I've decided upon what the beastie may be; but I'm not telling in the spirit of fun!

And of course, those 2 UFO's that must be finished this year! Well, three, if I count my cousin's counted x-stitch Alphabet Garden. (sigh)

. . .and, of course, I dare not forget my on-line tatting class with Georgia and friends at the meet n greet on 1/28 with a special 'fun' day on Super Bowl Sunday.

We also may be adding a new, adult member to our house hold - more about that later. This will neccesitate the building of a 6' fence for the additional'pet'; yes, our menagerie continues to grow (remember we only claim 1 tiny Yorkie) and changes must be made.

I'm very hesitant to even put the following in print - risking unforseen complications. We are planning a journey to Spokane for the Shuttlebirds Tatting Workshop April 18 and 19. A good opportunity to meet some of my teachers as well as revisit the state where Loyal and I began our life together so many years ago! I am very excited about this trip; and, my daughter Kristen will be attending - so she can work on her tatting also! I'm sure to meet up with people I've gotten acquainted with on line through Here-Be-Tatters and ROT.

2008 seems, from my viewpoint, to be looking very good. I expect to keep improving in the craft of tatting by learning all that the designers - who are the artists - offer. There are many choices and challenges in the coming year.


yarnplayer said...

Hope you continue to have a great 2008!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Oh Goody! Hope to see you there!

BJ said...

It will be great to meet tatter's I've come to know on line. We are fortunate to have built-in house sitter, so that part is worry free - LOL We are planning the trip now. First stop will be Sacramento area, then overnight in Grants Pass visiting friends - hope to have a slow trip through Washington State to Spokane.
I'm looking forward to meeting all the young women who tat!
It will be fun!

Tattycat said...

I hope you daughter will soon be well and she is indeed fortunate to have a sister to be her advocate. I am glad you are going to make the trip to Shuttlebirds.