Tuesday, January 20, 2009


ALTHOUGH I do know 'how to tat," I bought Janette Baker's book, "Learn to Tat" which comes with an interactive DVD in a neat, attached envelope. If you have a friend that wants to learn, or you are isolated from other tatters, or it's over two hours drive for a lesson with someone ~ buy this book! It would make a great gift; here is why!

The book is well written, with clear instructions and good visuals. Each part is a class; and it covers from learning the ds to doing split chains and using over crochet with tatting for a finished look on a bookmark pattern. Each class covers at least two subjects and the back part of the book is composed of a variety of patterns from Beginner to Intermediate. The patterns utilized what has been learned from the book and the DVD. I've already finished one pattern; but, shhhhhh ~ it's a surprise for someone ~ so not telling! :>)

The DVD follows the book's format and classes in the book. The visuals are very clear, the tatting is done slowly enough that you can see what is happening, and the DVD can be paused, reversed or watched one section at a time; or sections can be skipped. It is in color with good lighting.

I skipped right to the split chain; and, actually seeing someone do it is a great help. I'm keen to get this technique firmly conquered and added to my list!

The first Class covers parts of a post shuttle and winding the clover post shuttle (which is used throughout). There is also a tatting overview, reference guide, pattern styles; and, abbreviations used in the classes and patterns are given.

This is available from Be-Stitched, Georgia Seitz, Handy Hands; and, Janette's site. (see vendor list at right). $14.95 + shipping. I heartily recommend this book and video combination published by the American School of Needlework. Boy, do I wish I'd had this back in the day when I was sitting at the ranch, learning from a book without pictures! Wow!

Also, on the same subject ~ new books ~ Check out Rosemarie Peel's new book. I've viewed a few pages and it would be a good one to have along with Baker's Book/DVD. A variety of useful and charming patterns that are easy to tat! Published by Lacis; and, available from Rosmarie Peel at rose.peel@ntlworld.com. I can see it as an adjunct to provide more patterns for practice. Keep an eye out, it's lovely. Plus my preview and recommendation was from the tatters friend, Jane Eborall. 'Nuff said!


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I think this is a terrific book, too! I finished the bookmark a couple of days ago, and now I'm working on the heart. I'll post pictures as soon as I get the blocked. Can't wait to see what you make!

BJ said...

Can't wait to see your pictures. Right now I'm doing tatting for February (Secret Valentine and Secret Sister stuff ` nothing I can show, as yet, from the book; but, I tatted one pattern)
I just think this is wonderful for those who are keen to learn and haven't a clue how to start; and, no one to help.
I'm glad to hear you are in agreemtnt...LOL