Friday, February 27, 2009

To Market, to Market, to buy a . . .

ALERT! PIECEWORK Magazine May/June will be the annual LACE issue. There is sure to be some tatting. Their current contest is a brooch contest and the deadline is April 1, 2009.
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Busy, busy. . .I've been tatting more and on the laptop less; but, today was a day out of the house (two this week, I'm on a roll) and off to the 'big city' of Las Cruces (grin). DH took me to Hobby Lobby first where we spent at least two hours....seriously. And I managed, once again, to stimulate the encomomy with the better part of a hundred dollar bill. However, we only go to Cruces about twice a DH said my purchases were not extravagent. He kept finding things he just thought I needed! So, I'm set for my Secret Sister at Church with Easter surprises, and can begin my Christmas projects in May...I definitely want to do Pam Palmers "12 Days of Christmas" patterns...
Upon arriving back in Silver, we dashed (poetic license?) up to the University to the annual Student Art Show. I found the level of the student's abilities had much improved and the new frosh definitely have talent. I was hugely disappointed with the judges choice for Best in Show; but, glad he gave a first to a lovely wooden sculpture of a Venus (goddess) figure which I'd love to own (surprised to find that the "student" is a bit long in the tooth) ....that and one photograph by Ms. Rebekah June Davis, captured my eye, but not my purse strings!
There were pieces that definitely deserved to be Best In Show ~ but a poorly done oil of a window with a curtain wasn't IT Since I have painted in oils, sold work and was an Art Minor in College, I'm on firm ground in my judgment; put up was a technically inept, totally uninspiring piece of canvas....and the wandering minstral floutist should have practiced a bit more . . . but enjoyed 'schmoozing' with the Profs. and seeing the Granddaughter in her element! Art Shows are a bit like award shows in theater...a lot of kissy kiss and glad handing; amidst boquets of insincerity. :>) Amusing to observe, not much fun if you are emotionally invested. Thankfully none of the Davises were so invested.
Tatting: During the two hour (one-way) drive to the 'big' city, I completed a bookmark for the Round Robin in which I'm participating. I've never done a round robin and am enjoying the experience. Life is so uncertain at this point, that I am getting them done ahead of schedule, and DH will mail them on the appropriate days. I entered the beginning level for two reasons. Cowardice, and my first time out...Neither of which is a stalwart excuse ...but it's my story and I'm sticking with it. I have no expectations whatsoever beyond having fun with it and meeting tatters I might otherwise miss in our community.
No photos with this post, but I promise to show the bookmarks I tatted for the Round Robin after each one is received. That is, if they pass my quality control man ~ Loyal. We have a deal; he gives me an honest opinion of what I tat ~ and the scans. His eyes are better than mine and he is picky (whereas I'm a 'let it slide' kind of person. I gave up perfectionism for less stress). Plus I trust him to be honest and he trusts me not to go into a 'defensive' mode. In other words, during our 52 years, I've never asked the 'land mine' questions; like, "Do you think this makes me look fat (ter?)" and we also laugh when he says something innocuous; and, I say, "Loyal, this is what I heard" It is so much fun to be married to your best friend!
New OLD Pattern from a friend: Joy M. in Australia was looking for an old pattern of a Butterfly doiley; and, she was fortunate that someone on E-tatters sent it to her...having an inquiring mind, I asked if I could 'see' it ~ and she sent me the pattern. NOW, I've never tatted a doily at all..I'm trying to decide between 3 different patterns. That should be fairly easy, right? No, of course not...One is "Sheep May Safely Graze" (Karey S.) and the other is "Beatrice" by Iris N.; and now, the Butterfly from an old magazine (1937). I've tatted one of the sheep for practice...and I'll likely go with that one because I know my middle daughter would love it...then I think I'll at least read the butterfly pattern (this is a 14-inch doiley and a piece I would frame and would definitely do in a traditional white); but I'll probably DO "Beatrice" (using HDT) I'll have to give it some thought; and, this will be after all my other projects that have here-to-fore been listed.


Jane Eborall said...

No wonder you've been quiet. Busy lady!!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Oh, please tat Beatrice! It's one of my favorite patterns! Of course, I used some special techniques to help myself succeed... First, I made a copy of the pattern and wrote in all the stitch counts. Then I made a copy for each spoke of the pattern. I colored in each section as I finished it. It was so much easier to follow the pattern when I did this. The first time I just followed the pattern, and I missed lots of joins, lost myself in the pattern, and became totally discombobulated! HDT is definitely the way to go with Beatrice!

I attended one art show at our local junior college when my oldest daughter was a senior in high school. I know nothing of art, but I agree with your assessment of art shows! It is kind of fun people-watching, but I haven't had a strong desire to attend another!

I love Hobby Lobby! Dave and I went about a week ago. I didn't spend much, but I had fun window shopping!

BJ said...

Well Diane, SINCE you've ALREADY done all that to share?
:>) The only thing that was stopping me was it IS a visuals only pattern and I'm a big wobbly, particularly with where to join...
So, if you've a mind to share all your hard work; I'm not above beggin' or trading? Bribery is always a possibility...(big grin)
I'm always totally discombobulated.
Especially with tricky patterns.
I felt guilty at my load of stuff from Hobby Lobby, but L said, "You just received your 'pay' worked hard for years, get your stuff." So I'm trying not to feel guilty and 'mine, mine, mine' like the birds in "Finding Elmo"...LOL I'm really much better at buying for others...humm let's see, I could justify the expense because the tatted items ARE for others. Does that work?
If you want to share your hard work, please e-mail me...(hint, hint)
Affection and Hugs Bev
PS Did I ever tell you how much you look like my best friend of 30 plus years, Barbara King? You two could have been sisters or at least cousins. Loosing her was a great personal loss.

BJ said...

Yes Jane...Busy = quiet with Bev.
But I promise to do better on at least a weekly basis of keeping in touch ~ or even daily as the time is available.
XXXXX000000 Mate, Bev