Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Birthday gift arrives in time for Easter! This is my DH, Loyal Eric, in the Stetson, Summer Panama, that youngest daughter, BB, sent to her Dad for his birthday in March.
He has been lookiing for this hat for years! But of course, she can hunt down anything on line! Looks like those my Dad and his buddies sported in Panama in the '30's! One happy fella!

I am so happy! Having not been able to visit with Ashley Nicole, my great granddaughter, since 2005; this photo came and I now have an address where I can send her 'goodies' and keep in touch. God is good! Those of you who get to see your grands and gt. grands regularly are truly blessed.

Ashley lives with her paternal grandfather, due to family circumstances and she is protected, loved and enrolled in an excellent school. She is an A student and likes to draw. Another creative soul in our family!

Ashley is the granddaughter of my daughter, Lori Elayne, who passed in 2008; She really resembles my cousins from the midwest.

What has this to do with tatting? Well, I'm glad you asked! LOL I found the cutest small, denim purse that is shaped like a little skirt. So far I've tatted an "A" from my ROT pattern book, and small motifs from Tatting Collage: dragonfly, butterfly, flowers; and, from Jane Eborall a very pretty heart. When the appliques are applied, I'll upload a photo of Ashley's purse.

TABLE RUNNER UPDATE: I've only 20 motif to go that have white centers with blue outer round! I should be able to finish those this week. After that, there are 3 rows, three deep of the ecru centers with blue outer round ~ and I'll be finished. I do believe I will have the table runner completed by June. I have a couple of other projects that I must finish before June. (the Gardner's Alphabet, and a pair of very nice, quality, pillowcases, {pre stamped from Nordic Needle} that require special stitching; for my friend Rose who shares the same birthdate as I.


Gina said...

I know what little denim skirt purse you mean! I embellished one with tatting and gave it to MY granddaughter. Yours is such a sweetie. I'm so happy you're in touch with her.

Maureen said...

I truly share your joy in the contact with your great graddaughter.