Saturday, May 16, 2009

Antlers and Lions and. . . Monkeys?

THIS SHUTTLE is from Randy Houtz of Shuttlebrothers fame. Randy exhibited amazing patience as my custom-order had added a piece of polished fire agate...but I could not find the slice I wanted to send. I knew I wanted deer antler, a porous element...presenting creative challenges. I wisely decided to forgo any decoration and enjoy the natural beauty present in the antler itself. Randy and I were both pleased with the result. In spite of my self-doubts ~ they were allayed as I followed the directions provided (through Jane Eborall) as to how to load thread and let out thread as I tatted ~ no problems at all!

The next hurdle was figuring out how to use the 'double' part of double shuttle. I tatted a few bookmarks using just one of the bobbins ~ to become accustomed to its weight and tension settings. I ordered Sheron Goldin's, Tatting with the Double Bobbin Shuttle Made Easy. The visuals, done by Jane Eborall, are great. I actually found all the information I really needed on pages 7 and 8; but, there are 'practice' edgings and a dearth of general information.

The original purpose of the double bobbin shuttle was to be able to introduce color on demand to the tatting. Of course, the same effects can be produced by using 2 or more shuttles; but, another advantage is that the two bobbins can be loaded with the same thread and one would have a quick method of adding thread, to a piece in progress, because the bobbin is at the ready.

The book also explains how to do SCMR, Split Chain, and Split Rings with the DBS. The book is priced at $16 plus shipping (4.95 priority) and Sheron takes PayPal; which was very handy for me.

Note: I realize that many regulars to Ridgewoman's blog, know this information about double bobbin shuttles; but for new comers this provides an introduction. I bought mine mostly to add to my collection because I had long wanted a shuttle made from deer antler (naturally shed) and decided on a double bobbin because I hadn't bought one. However, I do have a double post, ceramic shuttle (from LadyShuttleMaker's Etsy store) to keep it company.

Okay; so far, just the Lion has appeared!
Done in Valdini variegate with a dark blue/black Thread. Sorry can't tell you the name, it's a small ball that I received from Wickedtats in S'pore and the writing is in Chinese! This, too, is from Diane Steven's "Tatted Zoo" of bookmarks. A compilation of a number of well-known designer's critters. All this lion needs is starched ~ not the mane and tail but the split rings. The face was starched before I cut the picots around the head and softened the look by using a pin to get my 'fuzzy' mane and tail. He was very quick to make and a lot of fun.

I made this for my granddaughter's fiance, Omar. Bekah and Omar participated in The Great Race at Western New Mexico University. They represent the Alpha Omega Club composed of Christian university students. Rebekah made a medieval flag for the grand entry with the A/O initials and a very Scottish Lion, rampant. They won a trophy for having the best banner of all the Campus Clubs. And Omar won an award for being the most helpful and congenial of the contestants. Their team won a number of events and we are pleased to have their trophy on our mantle!

Now, the Monkey bookmark for Sebastian in Sweden. He is my friend, Oman's, son. I had begun the monkey in the Animal Zoo Book twice; but there is a lot of cut and know how tatters dislike C&T! And I have on hand a Monkey Head without a body because the pattern was too chopped up!

I've switched to Jane Eborall's inspired 'naked' monkey on her site ~ fresh from the 3d brain cell. They are so cute...check it out! There is a monkey with a top hat and cane, a Lady Monkey...too much fun. I've abandoned cut and tie for block tatting and now need to choose a new thread. I'm thinking my Middle Earth would be great...but it's I'm undecided. I'll post it as soon as it is finished. It needs to be sturdy for a young boy. The snake I made for Anthony went over so well...that I'm now intent on providing lads with animals to hide in their books! I can just see Anthony pulling out that snake from his textbook while in class! Anyone have an idea of what to do with a lone head of a monkey?


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

That is an adorable bookmark! I have that book, so I'm thinking I should probably make one for my grandson. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jane Eborall said...

Whatever you do - just keep monkeying around on your blog. Miss you when there's a gap in blogging.

Fox said...

I have often looked at those shuttles and wondered about the weight and heft of them......

After reading your comments I have ordered the books that the Shuttle Brothers have out there in Tat-land.

You are a bad influence! : )) Fox

Ridgetatter said...

Fox. You will enjoy the books a great deal. I learned a lot, especially from the new one.

Give it a lot of thought before you purchase a double shuttle. They are rather 'fumbly' and heavy; and, the Roseground holds its tension setting the best.
For the expense, I'd rather have 2 custom made single shuttles from Randy,GMA, or David Reed-Smith. The double shuttle is interesting; but you can achieve the same or better results with 3 or more regular shuttles. Tatting with multiple shuttles isn't really hard (I know it seemed overwhelming to me before I tried it). Because you only use one at a time; and, we tat with 2 shuttles regularly.
I guess what I'm saving,is if you have the urge to splurge...I'd still rather have 2 quality single bobbin shuttles. I do like the one I ordered....because it's made of deer antler and deer have a special part in my life.

Fox said...

About the shuttles..... Thanks for the detailed info.

Shuttleshop is my choice instead..... tulipwood or rosewood our purpleheart? Fox xxoo

singtatter said...

The GR8 shuttles are a beauty! Seeing them is making me itchy to get Randy to make some for me! Yep, the lion bookmark is adorable, in fact, all the bookmarks in the book are soo cute.

Ridgetatter said...

Fox: You can't go wrong with the Shuttle Shope for post shuttles. I love mine. Purple heart is a very dark wood...tulip has a lovely grain; I'm partial to lacewood! Gee, I've never been called a bad influence before ( would I know?) LOL

Yes Diane, that is a fun-filled pattern book. Also, Nancy Tracy's a year of bookmarks is clever; and, fast patterns.

I really try to monkey around with my blog at least the first of every month. July will be monkey heaven, I bet!

Isdihara said...

Love reading your blog. I just found it today and read through half a dozen posts. Love my Shuttle Brothers single bobbin shuttle...your post makes me want to try a double bobbin shuttle, even though I already own a Pelc!

I agree with Jane, keep on bloggin'

(heh, reminds me of that old 70's saying, "Keep on truckin'")