Saturday, May 2, 2009

May brought Bookmarks!

Looped beading needle ~ a new gadget

"InTatters"(aka E-Tatters) decided to have a bookmark exchange in May. I began making bookmarks and so far at least five have fallen from my shuttles. Not all of them are that good! I don't want to send anything but my best tatting, so I just kept making them!

One I made, in HDT silk, is beautiful in color; but, the chains and rings are not consistent in size; so did not pass my self-imposed quality. One is perfect, except for one join where I had to add thread and it has that familiar bulk at the join (although I only tatted two DS over the threads) ~ I haven't tried laying in loops as yet, just haven't gotten around to that technique. These, I have not posted on my blog nor are they being sent to anyone! I read, therefore I get these. LOL

Above are two of the 'possibles'; both designs are from Rosemarie Peel's, "Tatting: Basic Patterns" One was especially fun because it is an adaptation of Rosemarie Peel's Beaded Toggle. I just put beads on the top part (the part that would hang over the book. I did that one in Pamela Meyer's HDT ~ Rainbow Brite with turquoise beads and RB solid Aqua. I extended the Victorian sets to get the length I needed (it's about 7 1/2" long) and I didn't put beads on the bottom as it would be within the pages of the book. I can't name the beads as the pkg didn't identify but they came in my 'thank you' box at the time of Chinese New Year, from Aileen in S'pore. I wish I did have a name and color assignment as they are just beautiful! I felt ear rings coming on as I used them.

The bookmark on the right is actually an edging ~ in her book Rosemarie gave directions of the 'possibilities' in design by different arrangements of two of the same edging. This one is in size 80 HDT, lavender orchid (YarnPlayer) After I did this one, it occurred to me that if I made the joining picots longer...a ribbon could be woven within and between them. . worth thinking about next time. I love it that the specialty ribbon I found had little a very dainty look.

There are 3 other bookmarks , but I have posted them in the In-tatters Album; so won't post them here. The biggest problem I still have is consistency in tension; although since I've been doing FS/BS tatting ~ the tension seems to be improving.

I was having a lot of trouble with the reverse beading tool, I had bought a few years ago, cracked and I had to throw it away. I often use the methods of loading beads as I work...but this time there were 38 beads...and found I couldn't thread the beading needle! I couldn't see the tiny hole well enough (Don't tell me about Big Eye needles; the eye isn't big). So, I used Nina Libin's method by soaking the end of my thread in clear nail polish...3 times, drying it in between "dips." Then I threaded the beads directly on the thread.

Long story short, I asked DH to buy me a needle threader that would work for beading needles. He and Bekah went to Hobby Lobby in Las Cruces and he brought back the plain old-fashioned kind (that use to come in needle cards ~ dating myself here). BUT, he also brought me something he thought, "looked really useful!." They are called Looped Needle Threaders (and from visual on the back are used in beading) for hand, machine and serger needles. They were a bit pricey at 8 dollars for four. I think they are going to prove to be very useful indeed!

I like the ribbon I found, that had its own picots, to weave between the open spaces of the bookmark on the right. This one looks particularly Lacy. DH found the small box of five styles of boutique ribbon; it is so nice to have a husband whose Mother taught her sons so much about fabric, ribbon and needles! She would be proud of her well-rounded, retired Equipment Operating son! I am truly blessed.
The third? Well, that's a secret I'll save for the next post...after my pardner receives which ever I send. . .


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Your bookmarks are very pretty! Are you getting the hang of front side/back side tatting? I get so confused with it! Maybe I'll be able to concentrate better and get the hang of it when school gets out and I have nothing else on my mind.

I've tried those beading needles for beaded crocheted bags... they're wonderful! The only problem I've had was when the hole in the bead was too small or the thread was too thick... I've popped the needle apart! I've thought of getting a bead reamer for cleaning out plugged holes or enlarging small ones, but thinking is as far as I've gotten!

Krystle said...

Wow. You can get your hubby to go the the craft store for you? I can barely get mine to go WITH me! :-)

Ridgetatter said...

Hi Diane. Yes, FS/BS is coming more naturally. Actually the ShuttleBrother's new book, described it so clearly and then gave a short pattern...I sent it to Randy and he said I was doing okay...just to be consistent with the tension at picot joins.
Everyother explanation I read just gave me a headache...believe me, I've downloaded them all! LOL
I've ordered Myra P's book, because I like the patterns you've used from it.

Ridgetatter said...

Thanks for dropping by, Krystle. Yes he is a "keeper." We've been married almost 53 years.
When we married, his Mom (a really dear person) brought over 22 of his cowboy shirts; lightly starched. She told me that was how he liked them! She then shared that he always wanted to go to the fabric shop with her to pick out his own shirt material! He told me, privately, that he didn't like the patterns she picked out when he was little; and, thus going with Mom for material.
You can bet those shirts didn't get lightly starched again ~ at leaast not by me, as I didn't even know how to use a washing machine when I married. No training of the 'womanly arts' what so ever. That's why he's always done the sweeping, washing the windows and quite often changing baby diapers.
Poor fellow...I guess I must have had 'other attributes.' LOL
Someone once told me her dh was too 'manly' to be interested in such things...but DH is just very secure in who he is! He now takes care of me 24/7; so God had a purpose and a plan for all that early training.

tattrldy said...

Your bookmarks are look good, can't wait to see the one that passes your approval and gets sent to your partner. And you DH sounds great. It's taken 29 years but mine's getting much better as the years go by, so I think I'll keep him.

Susanne said...

Hello Beverly,
We are exchange partners and that is why I can tell you that my bookmark for you and a postcard is being mailed tomorrow.
Happy tatting from Susanne

Ridgetatter said...

Susanne! Oh goodie! Gutten Tag!
Oh my, now I HAVE to decide which bookmark to send; and, I will enclose a post card from our area. I feel so fortunate to have drawn the Dane! LOL
just Grandpa Chris' "Danska Prima"

Linda S Davies said...

Hi Bev,
Thanks for your comment on InTatters!
BTW I think you are too hard on yourself. I understand about trying to achieve perfection. You know me, if I see a problem I will say so, but all tatters, new and old, appreciate the work that goes into an exchange item, so stop beating yourself up and send those bookmarks off!
I have watched your tatting attempts from your very beginnings and I know how much you have achieved - even though you do not have the best of health your tatting is getting to a very good standard.
Keep up the good work, I'm still keeping tabs on you and I'm VERY PROUD of you!

Susanne said...

Postman have just been here with your letter and the bookmarks are so pretty in real life. Thank you very much for both of them. I will post pictures in a day or two but right now I am having a bad cold so I just wanted to let you know they have arrived safely. Thank you very much.

Mimi said...

I just found your blog & have enjoyed reading it! I was very excited to hear your hubby your items in Las Cruces...I grew up there! Anyway, I've enjoyed your blog!