Sunday, August 2, 2009

Come August, can Learning be an Addiction?

No Tatting to Show! Alas! However, a monkey, an owl, and a hatband are in progress and the pattern for a bit of lace for a wedding has been chosen and thread ordered. (Mary K.'s The Pattern Collection: "Beauty Spots" edging)
In between projects I decided to take a leap into Sharon Brigg's Design Class. We've done lesson 1 and I'm beginning Lesson 2 today.
When I first learned to tat (from a book) my goal was just to get something tatted. I did not think much about stitch count or shape of my rings; I was too intent on learning to follow a pattern. Well, that was a few years ago (I forget exactly when but it was late 90's). Since then I've finished a number of projects small and large, with mixed results. Some I've liked and some I haven't.
However, when I was fortunate enough to receive tatting as gifts and remembrances, I noticed that mine did not 'quite' look like the others. That was my introduction to directional, front side/back side tatting and thinking about tension. But still, I was moving forward, learning new techniques while participating in the on line tatting classes.
Health has caused me to cut back on my activities, but tatting is a large part of my daily schedule. Who's kidding who? My day is tatting, intersected by meals!
All things considered, the question might be asked, "Why, at this late date have you signed up for a 'design' class?" In all honesty, I don't really know. I have the time, the interest and mine is one of those minds that is 'inquiring.' This brings me to my banner question, Can learning be an addiction?
If so, it is a positive addiction. I love learning about everything...I am an insatiable reader and thinker. In spite of my years and a few gray hairs, I don't see this changing at all! At heart, I'm still 19!
I'll report back from time to time and let you know how I think I am doing with the class. I am not happy with my simple rings from Lesson One; I may even re do them! As compared to the other students they were lacking. I guess the best thing I can say about my first lesson is that it was well organized.
I've decided not to look at the discussion on our design list until after I've done my homework and posted it in the correct file; then, I'll participate in that portion.
I also decided to begin organizing, printing and putting the lessons in archival sheet protectors in a binder. If I don't do this from the first, I'll have a conglomerate of papers that serve no purpose. Organized, they become a record of the class, a terrific reference for posterity. I might even design something, doubtful; but, who knows?


Jane Eborall said...

Interesting post. I'm really looking forward to hearing your experiences of designing. I'd love to have an orgainsed approach to designing like you. Sadly I think it's too late as the 'hit and miss' approach is so ingrained!!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Yes, I think learning can be an addiction... but what a wonderful addiction to have! Congratulations on joining the design class. I look forward to seeing what you create!

Ridgetatter said...

Jane! You are SURE you want to read of my experiences in design? Hardy Harr.. I really doubt if I ever design anything; in fact, it's questionable whether or not I'll be able to finish the course (especially if it entails a lot of math).
Your approach works so well, along with brain cell #3 You don't need to be concerned with it...LOL
The organizing may be the Best thing I am capable of doing at the moment. LOL
X Bev

Ridgetatter said...

Diane: LOL Well, settle in for a long wait as I probably won't design anything at all.
I DID spend an hour or so figuring out the math for the first half of the Lesson. I hate math. And, at 73 why in the world am I forcing myself to do arithmetic that I so loath. Drawing the sketches, fine..Understanding about negative space ..okay....but working out stitch counts? aghhhhhhh
BUT I'll take a photo of my nice organization of materials. LOL
hugs, Bev

Maureen said...

You're a braver man than I am....! - I audited the design course last time, couldn't begin to cope with it.
I haven't heard of that pattern book, is it an old one? Beauty Spots edging sounds rather nice!

Tatskool said...

Great post, learning is definately an addiction. Well I signed up too and am loving it as I am at heart a technician!! My work is also organised in plastic sheets and that is probably about how far my design skills will get too!

Tatskool said...

Forgot to say that I too am trying not to look at what anyone else has said or done until I have my homework posted.

Ridgetatter said...

Hi Maureen. Don't know about 'brave' LOL...Audit the class? One can DO that...sounds like something I should seriously consider....esp. since I took 'forever' (by my count) to do lesson 2...Have the stitch count done; have to do the tatting. (that's the easy part for me)
One who perhaps ought to audit.:>)
XX Bev

Ridgetatter said...

Oh come on, my dear Tatskool friend. You've already designed; my lovely tumbling snowflake pattern.
I KNEW you would be organized from looking at your first lesson! LOL
My story is ~ and I'm stickin' with it ~ if I can't really do the work, at least the presentation will look very good. LOL
love, Bev

Tatskool said...

Well that's my story too, you are way too complimentary. It took so much concentration to design that pattern, it may never be equalled in this lifetime!

Maureen said...

"Auditing" = Lurking, Bev, I'm sure I undoubtedly "copped out" as we say here, but at least I developed a dim understanding of the processes - the thought-streams and techniques designers use.
But I know my limitations, and they definitely don't lie in that direction.
It's a very valuable course.

Ridgetatter said...

Oh Ladies! You are such a treat.

Tatskool, I love my snowflake you designed; and, even if it took great concentration you arrived at a wonderful result! :>)

Nah, let's just say you audited, Maureen. I know you had a lot on your plate during that time period!

Well, I have 4 or 5 sketches for part one of lesson one...and two of those tatted. (after many tries and cutting apart) Pretty bad when one can't tat their 'own' scribbled pattern. LOL

I haven't begun to think about the second part yet.

Ridgetatter said...

Maureen: Yes, I have four of Mary Konier's books and this one came from e-bay; and, was formerly in a library in UK! So it's come a long is an older addition.

I'm learning 'Jane's way' of doing the JKs; practicing. It will produce more consistent jk's methinks.

Fox said...

You are amazing! I love your energy and your 19 year old outlook. Very healthy. Very wise. Enough said.

I am glad you are enjoying the class and allowing your learning addiction to flourish in that enticing environment. I am also looking forward to seeing the rewards of your commitment.
xxoo Fox : )

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Good for you Bev! You are an inspirational Lady....I hope I am as spunky as you in a few years...LOL! Keep up the good work!

Ridgetatter said...

Ladyshuttlemaker and Fox: I'm not always 'up' nor do I always feel 19; however, it's like the hackneyed phrase, "The spirit is willing. . .but the flesh is weak."
I was actually pretty bummed out when I looked at my version of lesson two. I don't know whether I was having a down day or what! Do any of you ever have days that no matter what you try, tatting just doesn't work? I had a week like that as I was doing lesson 2.
But sitting in the pity parlor isn't for me; especially, since I KNOW it's possible to sit in that corner. Most of life is a series of decisions; and, I decided long ago to try not to spend such time observing my navel! Too much introspection can be debilitating!

Thanks for dropping by and sending encouraging words.

Wish I could be with those of you who will be in SC and Palmetto! BJ