Monday, October 26, 2009


I'm a bit closer to being able to upload to the blog! At least I was able to add a new GAGET at the top ~ LadyShuttleMaker has a 'new twist' which sounds like fun! Check out her blog! (clickable like at the right side of this blog)

A NEW Book arrived from the UK that I found on E-Bay. It is the book, Butterflies, by Adelheid Dangela, and was published in Denmark. The butterflies are beautiful; but, I'm not too sure I'm capable of such work! Her shuttle work looks like bobbin lace! It is nicely illustrated (by Kirstine Nikolajsen and Inge Lise Nikolajsen. I think it would be wise to begin with an easy one! LOL


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I love getting new books! They keep me inspired!

Marty said...

I got that butterfly book recently. Talk about intimidated! I'm going to try one of them, of these days.

Ridgetatter said...

Oh WOW Marty, if YOU ARE intimidated, I'm just plain scared! lOL (just kidding ~ I dash in where angels fear to tread) They are really beautiful.
I'm trying to decide how to handle the tatting books (some are rare) after I'm gone (I mean planning ahead, can't do anything after I'm gone...duh).
My daughter is 'sort of' interested in Tatting; but not 'really' I'd like to keep those together that have been done by one designer; like Mary's books, E. Nichols' et cetera. And the really vintage originals; ie: Hees book.
I know some guilds have libraries (ROT for one): I'm not a member of International Lacers . Have to give that some thought as some of the books are fairly valuable now.
XX Bev

Fox said...

The book? Never heard of it. Sounds very intimidating!Interested to see what you tat....

Way to go, Bev! Transferring everything to the Mac is quite the challenge! I have a PC now, but in the future would love a Mac, and the thought of what you are now involved with makes me shiver!!!
Fox : )

Ridgetatter said...

Oh Fox, in my dreams. I still haven't plugged the new printer into the MAC ~ Both Jane and Love 2 Tat have both transferred THIER files; I'm behind the curve.

The Mac isn't really as difficult as it sounds; it's just that I've worked with Windows for several years and Mac is just Different. It is actually easier, if I'd started with this system to begin with.

PLUS, now if one wants, they can have the windows program on their MAC also. It works with Windows programs, pdfs et cet.

BUT I did tat 3 rosettes today! And the DELL is functioning again; AND I finally was able to fully download the drawing program ~ but I like NeoOffice program better.


wickedtats said...

Bev! Congratulations, you've won a 2nd choice prize on my blog giveaway!

Ridgetatter said...

OH WOW! I'll have to check this out ~ "Scuse me while i run off to 'Spore and WickedTats! LOL

Thank you Aileen!

XX Bev