Friday, November 20, 2009

I am Sometimes Compliant

OKAY; Readers, please understand. My buddy, Jane Eborall, has been "tutoring" me, virtually, as she searched for a drawing program for our Macs. We tried 'em all; and, I even bought one that didn't work out! The best one for tatting design purposes, is user friendly and produces good results ~ EasyDraw.
I admit that I haven't tried it on a tatting design; however, I have played a bit. I sent my self-portrait (above) to Jane, as a joke, in response to her blogged 'self-portrait' . She told me to put my result on my blog ~ I am 'sometimes' compliant and with apologies to true artists out there. . .

I am still tatting on Christmas themes; although, I do have my Secret Santa recipients' piece tatted and am filling the packet. In Tatters suggested using a padded envelope. That made it difficult, having to limit my choices; to those that are fairly 'flat', unbreakable seem to meet the value set. I'd rather use a box!

Also busily winding a variety of threads for the thread exchange on Celtic Tatting forum. I believe we each have 5 people. Next up is a Mark Meyer's Turkey because it is easy and quick, for cousin Trudy. Trudy requested holiday motif as she is going to make a calendar with my tatted appliques. Also, there is a special piece of tatting going out to Debbie in Oklahoma. Not a tatter but certainly a devoted Mother and woman of faith, as am I.

I'm working on an adaptation of Karey Solomon's Candle, from Make Many Merrily. Remember that whenever Bev says, "Adaptation" the meaning is, "made an error early on; and changed the pattern." I will post it later but it will be going on my cousin's Christmas Card ('cause she won't 'see' the mistake, not being a tatter). But, you tatters will notice! One of these days I'll tat Karey's pattern as stated, although I'm confused about the beginning ~ obviously, because that is where I made the error.


Jane Eborall said...

Love the self portrait, Bev. I must tell all readers of this blog that Bev is a very fast learner. She sent the picture in the EazyDraw format and I could tell how she'd made it up. This is one sassy lady who is going to be WAY ahead of me very soon. Thanks for taking up the challenge to blog it, BJ.
I've nearly finished my SS package too - just need to find one or two other 'bits' and then some chocolate, of course!!!

Sally Kerson said...

Ah yes you have to do what Jane says!!!! he he - hope she doesn't catch me over here!
But I do like the self-portrait, it must have been fun testing out drawing programmes.

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

I love it! ...and Grams you are a TRUE artist...I know one when I see one!

I am catching up on your could I have possibly missed so many? The tatting is great...especially Bekah's wedding tatting.

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Sorry if this is a repeat post...I just left a long one and had a computer glich.

...catching up on your blog. Love the tatting and love the self portrait. You ARE a true artist!

Fox said...

Ooohweeee! A regular Georgia O'Keefe!
Fox : ))

Ridgetatter said...

Hummmm, Jane ~ Flattery 'may' get you far! It is fun to do something, even long distance, with a mate!
Yes, Sally (I almost named our Betty, Sally ~ for my Grandma's sister) one does rather have to join in with any of Jane's ideas ~ because she's so much fun!
LSMkr: You really didn't miss anything; I seemed to have gone on a posting explosion the last 2 weeks!
I am a dilettante at art ~ as with so many things I've done. It is more important for me to support genuine artists in their adventures.
OH FOX Georgia O'Keefe is one of my favorite women artists. I admired her independence, and her tenacious study (early on) of her art. Also among my favs are: Judy Chicago (for her Dinner Party), Margaret Bourke-White (photographer because she was adventurous and brave), Imogene Cunningham (for her innovative photography and sassiness), Berthe Morissette (painter), and Ms Anne Hershey (East Bay Film-maker; who is a friend). Now THOSE women are artists! But, Thank you for the compliment of my cartoon.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Well I don't tat but I like to sneak over here and see what you are up to, and I love to see the things you have tatted. Those drawing programs all seem to have a learning curve that just goes straight up, and they aren't intuitive, to boot!!! But you are already catching on!!!

Tatskool said...

Wonderful drawing ..just like you!
I am so missing not having time to try this programme.

Ridgetatter said...

Good Dame Penniwig ~ Ahhhhh (breathing out); but my dear, you should give yourself the gift of tatting because you are so creative. However, being able to tat isn't a perquisite for visiting Bev. LOL
I visit you ALL the time and I don't create wonderful graphics! I FINALLY decided which pair of your ear rings to part with for a friend ~ it was so hard! Truly, I am not 'schmoozing'. Having my hair cut in Tucson next week, my regular angled bob, stacked in the back ~ because it's the perfect length for 'earwigs' as my friend Jane calls them!
Good to see your smiling face anytime!
XX hugs, bev