Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Rest of the story


Almost 25 years ago a little titian-haired baby girl came; she looked like an angry Winston Churchill to me! (she hates it when I say that ~ but!) I was her birth coach and first to hold her when she came from the warming bed all swaddled. This child grew up with two Mommas, one who was her boss-momma and then the second, Oma; who would serve as her sounding board, sometimes caretaker, and playmate. DH and I had a covenant before God that we would care for this child as a daughter, see to her education and get her well on her way in life; as we were able to provide.
She, in turn, was told that her 'job' was to do her best in school, be polite, speak proper English (well, the American version ~ LOL) and obey her Mom (her biological Mom). She did all that and more: flourishing on stage through grammar and high school; (which was amazing because she was very quiet and somewhat shy) blooming before us. Before she was nine she'd lived through loosing all her possession in a flood, and a Mom who was stricken with a debilitating disease called fibromyalgia. In High School she continued with Theater arts, fine art, Cheer leading and volleyball team; all the while, marching to the beat of her own drum!

December 11 she graduated with honors (with a 3.78 GPA). Imagine our surprise when she announced that evening: she and Omar had made arrangements to be married on December 14th! They had met with the judge in EL Paso; notified the restaurant to expect a party of at least 20. And, would we please book a suite at the Hyatt in El Paso? (this had been a prior agreement when talking about a wedding). After all, 3 days is really a mini, mini honeymoon!

Omar and Rebekah had been engaged for three years, and dated a year before that; consequently, it wasn't a real surprise that they would marry ~ but the timing was very surprising because we'd projected June of 2010. A beautiful bouquet had been tatted, favors had been bought for guests, a bridal veil was in the works. Were we disappointed? No, not actually! In fact we think that it was a very mature decision and supported them happily.

Omar has two semesters left for his secondary teaching degree (Spanish and Tennis Coach) and the couple will be living with us until he graduates, so it was logical in our minds that this was a good time for the families to be joined. After all four years was a long wait for these young Christians. I am pleased to officially present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Omar Melendez.

We hosted a lovely gathering at Cheddar's restaurant. Most of Omar's family lives in the area, and Kristen was here for the graduation; a good, jovial time was had by all. Of course there are a myriad of photos ~ I won't bore you with those ~ All can see that we adore Omar and considered him a son already. His mentors were his two uncles who just 'clicked' with PaPa Davis, and Grandma Luz was a great influence also. We two abuleos celebrated that WE had become family as we had already become very good friends. There was much hugging and laughter and a few tears shed by the Moms (well, not me ~ I tend to internalize my emotions);
and that, my friends, is the end of the story; but, the beginning of two lives!

And NOW, I can get back to some serious tatting; a rosary for Luz and a tatted hankie for Georgia (Omar's Mom) as remembrances of our children's union.

Last Thursday the MasterCraft workers came to put a new roof on our home. The weather person had forecast 10 clear days. Up on the roof-top? 8" of snow by December 23d. However, the crew has the protective cushion down that will be covered with the shale blue metal roofing. They have most of the trim up and part of the roof. We are assured that the cushion is rain and snow proof and will not leak into the attic. They've promised to finish the roof before Christmas, weather permitting (if it isn't blowing and snowing). We did not choose the beginning date; one is in the Que. and when one's turn comes, the workers arrive.

The big news is a White Christmas; and, it is just beautiful outside. The pinions and pines are laden with snow. It is a quick-moving storm and it is supposed to be quite sunny Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is so dry here that snow evaporates quickly; and, if a wind blows, it goes even faster. It is cocoa weather. What could be better than chocolate and tatting?

I wish you all a very merry, peaceful, safe Christmas from here on the ridge.


Jane Eborall said...

The UK has had a lot of snow - in parts. We've had none!!! Our roof is now leak proof but we have no snow to test it. Hope yours is finished in time for the weekend!!!

Sally Kerson said...

Congratulations to the happy couple. A new roof! Wow the thought of that when its snowing sounds to awful! In this part of England we have had snow and ice, this evening thunder and lightening! Very strange weather.

Tatskool said...

Conratulations and a Happy Christmas to you all. A very happy story with a lovely ending.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

What a happy post! Congrats and best wishes to the new couple!!!

And snow for Xmas! Well...thak goodness the padding part of your roof is on...

we are going to get your storm here later tonight!!! *shriek* Oh well...nature does its thing...

Merry Christmas!!!

Maureen said...

They look very happy together! What an exciting time you've been having, now you can look forward to a peaceful and quiet Christmas.

Fox said...

Aren't happy endings gratifying. Congrats to the young couple!
Fox : ) ♥