Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tidying Up the Blog

Time to take care of unfinished projects for 2009

Design Class: Dantatter's doily design test tatted by myself in Raspberry ripple which is a beautiful color (not done justice here). I think she came up with a lovely design, don't you?

Sonja, the Netherlands, was my secret Santa this year from the In Tatters Forum. The Card is lovely with a bobbin lace tree from her Bobbin Lace Circle. Inside were many tatted treasures. Left to right: red earrings (or ornaments) designed by Rosemarie Peel; A bookmark designed by Edda Schneider; A Monica Hahn cross;
the second pair of green ear rings, and a beautiful Stawasz snowflake; all beautifully tatted with love by Sonja in Holland. Thank you Sonja for trusting me with these treasures.

(Finally have photos to share. I'm getting slower at taking photos and scanning goodies; and, for that I apologize. Getting a bit more difficult to move around easily at this stage of the game of life)

There is More to come before January 1st ~ Keep Watch


Fox said...

Hi Bev,
A woman after my own heart.... I, too, have been tidying up my blog. I love beginnings - months, years, weeks, whatever; any excuse to do some organizing!

The motif is sweet and the colour must be lovely in natural light. I wish these monitors were more accurate! It looks pretty. Nice work.
Fox : )

Jane Eborall said...

What a lot of lovely goodies. I'll be watching out for all your posts as usual but am intrigued with what you're going to come up with next!!!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

What beautiful work from your secret Santa! Just gorgeous heirlooms!!!

Tatskool said...

Very pretty things, here's wishing good things for you in 2010.