Sunday, January 24, 2010

SNOW and a Wind Chill of 19 Degrees F


LEONIDAS is, of course, named for a character in "The 300". Leo is ½ Border Collie and ½ Lab. His personality is ALL Border Collie and he is very intelligent, well-behaved and a magnificent dog ~ and he isn't mine!

He lives with me and when his parents are gone, spends time. on the end of my bed. He also loved balls of tatting thread, but he has learned to not "touch;" the hard way. I used a method I once incorporated when training upland game dogs to have a 'soft' mouth. Leonidas is definitely not interested in the pins involved in this process; and, will almost sniff a ball of tatting thread; but, won't actually touch it any more! Whereas a hunting dog, craving to carry something in its mouth will merely keep picking the object up very gingerly, Leo has no such continual need. That solved the wet thread problem.

However, his Frisbees must be out-of-signt. We tried putting them on top of the dryer, but he 'stood up' and 'fetched' it back to us ~ "Let's play!" We sat it a number of places and he found all. He is frantically, crazed by a Frisbee. Can you spell Cat-nip? Now that there is SNOW every where he is bounding about and pouncing on snow drifts; with his frisbee.

It was reported that DH went out this morning to clear a path through the snow berm blocking the carport exit. I was a bit apprehensive about that since his aortic transplant; however, a man is going to do what a man is going to do. Leo decided that when Loyal tossed the shovel full of snow to clear a path for the car, that he (Leo) had to run and let the load fall on him. He thought it was like fetch…with shovel loads of snow Finally, tired of falling clumps of snow, he brought the frisbee as if to say, "Can we play another game?" (photo above).

I'm still struggling with day 8 of the TIAS; and day nine is out! I will fall behind at this point because I am totally and thoroughly flim-flamed by the last line of the instructions for day 8. My thread seems to be emerging from the wrong side of the pattern. I'll get back to you later about this little "problem". So far, out of my 3 "what's its" I've managed to destroy one (the brown one) and seem to be in the process of doing the same to the s/he one! I have yet to touch the fellow who is exhibit #1. (sigh)


Fox said...

WOW! That is a lot of snow! We, to whom that is a customary winter scene, are experiencing a moderate to light rain with not a speck of the white stuff anywhere at the moment! The weather is so odd.

Great dog!
♥Fox : )

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Leonidas is a beauty! I just LOVE dogs...especially well behaved ones. I am jealous of your absolutely gorgeous! Although I cannot complain too much I can see snow peaks from my back yard. Keep with the TIAS, I know you will conquer it!

Ridgetatter said...

Thank you ladies. Yes, Fox, I remember those Washington winters in 1948; Soap Lake. We use to shop in Spokane for Christmas. I was in the School's Crossing Patrol and my spot was downtown at an intersection by the bakery on the corner. The baker would bring me out a hot, apple turnover and sometimes hot chocolate; when I was there early. I was the only girl who wore Levi's and field boots to school in the winter. Also, the only girl who actually was able to go out at recess. I hated being 'cooped up" ~
LSMaker: Leo's well behaved and well trained because Rebekah really worked with him from when she brought him home. In spite of shots he contacted Parvo and we nearly lost him. He thinks that he is 'people', not sure he knows he is different. Kind of like having a 2 year old around, only not a 'terrible two'. LOL

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

We have no snow (it all melted last week), and the temps were around 40 yesterday. Back to single digits by the end of the week... crazy weather!

Leonidas is beautiful! Our last dog was a lab mix. We've also had a German shepherd and a golden retriever. No more dogs until one of us stops working. It just isn't fair to the dogs.

Marty said...

Ooo, pretty snow. Ours in in the ugly phase of January thaw -- all dirty and crusty.
Hang in there with the TIAS thingy, Bev! Last night I couldn't make heads or tails (or scales or feathers) of it. Today, it just seemed to make sense -- but the chain STILL looked like it bent backward to me. Have something to eat and a nice cuppa -- that seemed to help me!

Quayceetatter said...

I am glad somebody else is struggling with the Rooster. I have finished mine but it got twisted somehow, the bead was not big enough so added another bead at the end and the beak I didn't change the color. It's my funky chicken!!lol We got 1 1/2 feet of snow on the level and drifts up to 4 feet. Is summer coming soon???
Linda M

Ridgetatter said...

Linda, thanks for visiting my blog.
THAT is exactly what my blog is for; so other 'regular' tatters can relate. LOL
I don't design, I have flashes of brilliance (not often) with motif, but mostly I'm just a beginner with experience.
And it's all about those experiences on my tatting journey.
I didn't know you were from good old New Mexico, until I read your bio. And a red hatter, too! My Cousin is "Queen" of her hat group at Big Bear, CA.
Finally finished my first 'rooster'. I put the body on backwards LOL (I think there was a warning from Jane about that). So moved on to # 2 who is blue and peach, but THIS one is turning out okay, 'except' I like the head on the brown one whose body is backwards.
I need to find the third headless body. Once I've done one (and it's usually full of boo boos), the others start looking better. I haven't scanned any as yet…want to draw a little back ground, just for fun.
We, as you know, received MORE snow on Thursday and it stuck to the trees; is just beginning to slide off the roof in chunks.
Thanks again, for visiting. It is here so others don't get discouraged…LOL

Art by JoyMac said...

I love the photo of Leonidas in the snow with his frisbee.....wish I was ther with him.....over here in Australia we are in a heat wave as it is our summer and today it is supposed to get to 38c YUK..with more hot days to come this week....I much prefer snow.