Friday, October 22, 2010

A New Season Approaches

As October progressed we found ourselves visiting our daughters in California, spending a day in surgery, visiting the Rail Road Museum in Olde Sacramento; and speeding down the River on a sunny afternoon.
October, as my friends know, is a bittersweet month:  Remembering our daughter, Lori and my Mother, Zella whose cancer lasted through October only to take her life the 3d of November.  Bittersweet.

The entertainments kept me from dwelling on the past in a morbid way; a good thing, because I'm normally such an 'up' person and I do love the colors of fall blending into colorful, crunchy leaves.  Sacramento is perfect in the fall season, the city of trees as I recall from my teen years.  Mom and I have always loved this town by the Sacramento River.  BUT, first things first.

Our first outing during the week was the afternoon on the River.  My son-in-love spoils me outrageously (and I love it!); we set out launching his bass boat.  I love speedy boats and cars ~ my daughter and DH being more conservative, put up with the 55 miles per hour for short stretches; so, we two speed lovers who are always in cahoots ~ settled for something below 65 mph.   The first photo was taken as we moved away from the launch site:  Richard struck his "Captain" pose and I was just being silly.  Note my white shirt from Cafe Press ~ It says, "Tatting is NOT a lost Art".  It was a warm day at 94 degrees; however I didn't find it too warm.  Too warm is 117 in Tucson, AZ!  LOL

Rollin' on the River

Windblown at 55 mph
A windblown Bev and Loyal ~ Wheeeeeeee!

The views of Sacramento from the River are quite impressive.  A number of new tall buildings have gone up since our last visit and they were truly beautiful silhouetted agains the blue, blue sky.  We also cruised by Scott's on the River (a lovely restaurant hotel complex) where we will have our anniversary dinner at sunset on Oct 23 (our 55th is actually on the 24th but that is a work night).

The next outing was to the Railroad Museum on the 21st, no photos were taken because we were on a MISSION.  During the flood of 1997 2 place settings and several pieces of my Miimbres Pipstone dishes were stolen when it was stored at a church. (yes, a church).  I think the kids used them as frisbees, as I recall.  At any rate; back in the day I spent what was a great deal of money for 12 place settings.  Now, some love fine china; but, I really like these particular dishes.

BECAUSE, as a child in the 40's we often traveled back and forth for visits upon the Santa Fe Railroad, pulled by an engine called, "The Challenger".  I called our Porter,  Cherry; and, he was my best friend (I don't remember the first trip when I was 6 wks old, coming west from Nebraska) as we made these journeys.  I remember him taking me for walks on the train and teaching me to play checkers; and, the Shirley Temples (with little umbrellas and a cherry)  he brought me at dinner time.   Life was very gracious then and little girls were dressed up for the trip in patent,  Mary Jane shoes, and flouncy dresses; and, the big bow in the hair with long vertical curls in the honey blonde hair.  The dining car had table cloths and these wonderful dishes.  Each section of the country which was traveled had a different table setting pattern; but, the Southwest was Miimbres designs.  Ironic that I ended up living in the Miimbres culture and origin of the dish designs.

As an adult, I ran across these dishes in a catalogue  and bought the set ~ for a wedding anniversary gift to myself in the 80's.  Well, DH decided that since the California RR Museum now offer these dishes that I should replace the missing pieces AND add 2 vegetable dishes, extra platters and a larger turkey platter that would accommodate a 12 lb bird or a large roast.  Wow!  Let us just say that the prices of these dishes have escalated from that 60 dollar a place setting to ~ cough, cough, gasp ~ $300 a place setting.  And the least expensive platter was 100 dollars.  Oh my!  I was amazed that my usually frugal DH actually handed over the purchase price in cash.  I'm a bit taken aback, still.  And HE discovered they also had trivets, and butter pat dishes, and mugs!  Now he is making a new list to add to the 'must have' for the set.  The ladies at the Museum store were very nice and carried the carefully packed boxes out to the van for the trip home.  It was a wonderful morning and a lovely experience.  DH really enjoys a couple of things that he picked up from being the eldest son who hung out with his Mom.  Fabrics and Dishes!

On Tuesday, Oct 12th, I had my surgery in the afternoon.  Going into surgery with Dr. Jeffery Schwartz is always anxiety free.  He is a very non-invasive type of surgeon and the incision to remove my Bard Port is only about 2" above my right breast on the chest wall.  People have asked about what a 'port' is ~
This port was inserted just under the skin (so hardly noticeable ~ no lump) and attached to a vein leading to the heart.  It was put in over 8 years ago so that chemotherapy could be administered because I have the sort of veins that collapse, blow up and otherwise do not cooperate.  It also came in handy the 2 + years I required blood transfusions from the effects of radiation.  (perforated upper and lower bowel)  Dr. Schwartz does a number of surgeries, gallbladder, resections et cetera:  he specializes in oncology surgery and dietary related advice also.  If you are in the northern California area and need surgery, he is located in Yuba City, CA and is just THE BEST.  Anyway, easy peasy and I was home by late afternoon and have minimum discomfort and no pain to speak of.   I go to have stitches removed on the 26th.  BTW, I get no price break from being a fan of Jeffery.  LOL  When you go through 3 cancers with the same surgeon and go with him through his marriage and his first son ~ well, you become friends beyond Dr. and client stage.

Another treat was a girls afternoon shopping at Nordstrom's for a pair of those new bootie-style heels (mine are only 2") and I found a pair in black leather and also a ballet flat in linen with a cute fluffy flower on the toe.  Of course we went to my favorite stationary store, Papyrus  and wouldn't you know?  There is a See's Candy Store right next door!  LOL  So I bought a box of truffles for the Captain of the bass boat, Peanut Brittle for DH and a pound of Bordeaux light and dark to be shared by daughter and myself.  yum!

This Saturday is Spa day and BB and I will have our hair done, and a mani and pedi for the big night out!  Which will not be a long night out because there is a Giants vs Phillies game that none of us want to miss.  In fact, I said we could just order in and celebrate at home ~ but BB thought 55 was too momentous for such a casual approach.  Sigh, so I shall tug myself into my SassyBax and black silky, wool dress and actually wear make up and nylons.  I shall be quite done in and tucked up!  Lounge pajamas and pizza sound so much more appetizing; but, I shall enjoy our time at Scotts at Sunset on the river.  Two grandsons can make it for the dinner ~ the Architect grand son (Taylor)  has a project at Berkeley due, so will be in San Fran slaving away whilst we celebrate.

We head home for New Mexico on the 27th, our visit has flown by so quickly.  I have no tatting to show, but be assured I've been tatting each day and some days ~ all day long!  And, I will have a photo next time of work I've done.  I hope to meet with another tatter in Phoenix, if the arrangements do not go awry.
Until then, I leave you with another Penniwig favorite ~   Have a lovely Fall


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

It sounds like you're having a wonderful time! Congratulations on your up-coming anniversary. I imagine you have many wonderful memories from each and every year!

Maureen said...

What an absolutely wonderful time! - it is those dishes that have captured my imagination, I can just imagine the joy of that purchase.I am impressed at your ability to wear heels, I retreated into the Kumfs years ago! :)

Miranda said...

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on such a long and happy marriage!

Fox said...

So glad to read that you had such a great time! You deserve it.
Fox : )

Gina said...

I'm glad you're having such a wonderful adventure, with people and places you love to boot!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

This was quite a post - a lot of activities! And you still are finding time to tat?

The saga of the dishes is fascinating! And what amazing childhood memories. I thought I was reading about one of those movies with Shirley Temple herself starring in it! Kindly porters playing checkers and going for walks on the train! And no doubt fantastic scenery! I'm quite envious. I've always wanted to travel through the West and Southwest. We've only flown over that area.

I certainly send my CONGRATULATIONS on your 55th! Have a wonderful celebration tomorrow!

And I assume you're rooting for the Giants? Our poor Pirates just can't seem to get any traction. But we have great memories from 50 years ago when, via some kind of miracle, we beat the mighty Yankess in the last inning of the 7th game of the 1960 World Series - which was played early in October back then! It's sill a warm glow after all these years!

Karen said...

Congratulations on your 55th anniversary! Thank you for sharing the stories of the fun you are having. Very special.

***Jon**** said...

It is wonderful that you are having a good time. Thank you for sharing the moments with us.

Marty said...

Congratulations on the anniversary and the port removal. Thanks for writing so descriptively about your trip. It's like taking a little vacation with you!