Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dashing through the . . .

Assured that the Santa Fe roads were clear and free and only rain might fall, Kristen and I set off for Santa Fe on Monday to fetch the feline, Solaan aka "Pippa".  Her registered name is Solaan and her 'call' name is Pippa.  My youngest asked "Why?" and I didn't have a good reason.  When I bred and exhibited dogs, they always had a registered name and a "call" name because the registered name was too long…I mean, can't you imagine going out and calling, "Here Tinas Coma MiFlag's Mischief!"  No, we called him, "Mischief."  And Brierly's Dandy Dancer was, "Jaime"   So our exotic Solaan is "Pippa".  Oh, I promised everyone I'd tell about the 'digs' we were housed in for the trip.  If you have seen those ads for Santa Fe homes, set on a snowy mountain, with Navajo rugs hanging from second story, niches with carved Santos, sculptures and a master bath as big as my bedroom (which is large)…sunken tub AND glassed walk-in shower for two (or six).  Large plasma TV's in each room ~ except the room I assumed was for children, with twin beds and lots of study space.  There were four bedrooms,  two master suites.  The thing that spoiled it was the steep rock stairs up to the house, the living part of the house being on the second story (for the views) and again, stairs to the master suites.   I was about done in by those stairs.  But it was a fun experience and I slept like a log.  Oh, the bedroom had a cozy kiva fireplace, too.   Oh my!  Each home is on a wooded acre lot ~ It is all gaited.  Each home is gaited as well.  (seems a bit redundant)  They probably run about a million each….talk about excess!  The breeder is a nice, typical exotic cat breeder who lives in another such house ~ except she also has these 'cat houses' ~  Kristen went out and saw Daddy (Romeo) and Momma Bengal (Fire).  I'll take her word for it, I was recovering from more stairs at the Cattery. I imagine Allyson wondered if I could even take care of a cat!  But, today I cleaned the litter box and gave her breakfast. That was my promise to DH; I'd take care of the box as long as I could.  Especially since he does not feel well.

The night before we left I had to finish the last bit of the project for BB's Christmas box.  I had the other household's gifts mailed from the vendor; but, BB's had a little more personal involvement.  I will show you the results when Blogger decides to stop rejecting photos that usually just pop up! I'll wait until after the kitten has photos, too…perhaps there will be a plethora of photos, perhaps not.  We shall see.

LATER THIS WEEK; back on the ridge:

DH has been fighting fluid inside and outside of one lung.  The antibiotics haven't touched it; therefore, he has to have further tests.  It is particularly troubling since he had that Aortic valve replacement and I'm very concerned.  The good news he adores the kitty and I haven't seen him smile this much in years.  Pippa is such a little live wire, plays really hard and then just drops in sleep.  Sort of like a 2 year old.  She had her vet check and behaved really well, no wiggling, scratching or growling.  She weighs a bit over 3 lbs.  She ran up and down DH's legs to wake him up this morning.  I had a moments weakness and let her out of her acclimating territory (the covered puppy pen); I fell asleep and she began playing!  We had a time finding her after we'd all awaken.  She was curled up asleep in the puddled silk drapes on the window.  But she didn't shred anything!  Good Pippa.

I heard today on the news that a big storm came into (Santa Fe) northern NM from that California disaster.  I feel so bad about the folks homes filled with mud and debris..and the cars.  It is a terrible thing.  I have yet to hear whether my friends beach house is okay…Last time there was a big, big storm, the neighborhood was threatened but who ever did her lot had the foresight to really reinforce the embankment and cliff down to the beach.  I don't think she'll slide into the ocean.  The fires the last time came quite near her place and they rushed from Palm Springs area to evacuate all they could from the house.  But fortunately, the fires didn't get down that far.  

I had tatting to show you but can't get the uploader to upload, sorry.  You will have to wait!  Also, some lovely tatted gifts in cards, and one of Fox's pics ~ pink with a butterfly.  A very feminine and functional tool.

Health Update:  Nephrologist in Tucson said I have stage 5 renal failure (there are 10 stages).  I continue to be asymptomatic!   Nothing immanent but he did tell me to get my affairs in order.  Which I had done back when I had cancer the second time.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season.  Everyone is home, so there will be five of us for Christmas!   BTW, Leo, the dog just adores and worries over Pippa.  Must be the Sheep dog genes.


Fox said...

Sounds like a fantastic place to visit. Glad you are home and settled again with Pippa,who sounds wonderful!

Have a Merry Christmas, my tatting friend, and all the best to you and your family for the coming year.
♥♥ Fox : )

Bri's Bits said...

I know what you mean about registered names and call names, lol, we raise goats, and have some registered goats, there is a wonderful story about Boer goats, and we have some first generation out of Africa, legal for breading, and we have their offspring, and you can't gothe pen and say, hi there Sequoia209atSA and so on, so we say, hey there Comando, how is my big boy today
lol, and the girls can't be called hey there blah blah blah yaddanumber number yadda, so we say, hey there Cleo, lol, but they all have papers and numbers with long names and such...

they all know their names, and they all know what corn is, lmao, our dogs all know their names and know what treats are. If ever you make it down Clovis way, or Lubbock, (since you pass this way) let me know, we can have coffee. I know I am writing a book, sorry. The last thing I am curious about, the picture of the painting on your page, where it says welcome friends, did you paint that? It is absolutely lovely :) really peaceful, a place I would love to spend my days... too bad I am so far from the Jimenez mtns... or even santa rosa, still 2 hours is too long to spend too much time away all the time :)

Maureen said...

May your worries be resolved peacefully during this Christmastime;and enjoy your new kitten.
Good Health to ALL of us in 2011.

Jane Eborall said...

Oh dear, poor DH. DO hope you can get him sorted soon. Dying to see pictures of Pippa the cat.

Sally Kerson said...

Even with both of you having health problems you can see the joy of life and what a wonderful addition to the the family who is obviously bringing more joy. Have a peaceful and restful time over Christmas. Shame about the photos, but await eagerly for them.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Ooh! Such luxury! I don't think I could ever live in a place like that, though... how do they pay for the heating/cooling? Who cleans all that space? I would have to hire a staff to take care of me!

I'm glad you made it home safely! It sounds like Pippa is very much at home.

Merry Christmas, Bev and Loyal!

Miranda said...

Oh, those Santa Fe houses!

Pippa sounds like a little love. I know you're going to enjoy her. What a wonderful Christmas present to yourself!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year!!

Ridgewoman said...

Bits and Bits: I really enjoyed reading your comment regarding our 'call' names. LOL
No, I did not paint that scene at the top of my page (I only wish). But it is the kind of house I'd like to live within; but, I can just hear DH saying, "Think of the upkeep! That roofline!" I get most of my images from Olde Dame Penniwig, who shares them and also has a blog. Check her out, Holly is a really terrific gal and has become a friend.

Diane: I agree with you, I could never actually live in that beautiful home. However, they don't live there! They rent and lease it for holidays and such to people who want to visit, ski Santa Fe area. Lah te dah Lah te dah, to paraphrase an early movie…LOL I'm a former cattle rancher/barrel racer; and, while I enjoy such surroundings, the outside and the horses beckoned me back 'in the day'. LOL

Thank you all for your comments and well wishes. I take each day, one day at a time and live life to the fullest. Pippa will add extra life to my bedroom; she is so entertaining and wicked playful.

Ridgewoman said...

Oh Miranda. The 'bestest' part of the kitty is that she was a Christmas gift to me from my husband. Since we had to have our little Yorkie put to sleep (old age, blindness and incontinence) in September, he said, "No more dogs." (it was very difficult for him to hold her as she died, but he wanted to comfort her). The upside is that he does love kittens and cats! And he knows I like animals that are a bit different (this bred likes water and walking on a leash; and, behaves a good deal like a dog!). She is really acclimating quickly and is so much fun to watch. A little lap leopard.
xxxx bj

Val said...

Bev, am always inspired by your fighting spirit, living each day to the fullest.

Pippa must be a happy kitten to find a home in yours. Enjoy.

Merry Christmas to you & your family!

Gina said...

Many blessings to you and DH. Your cheerful disposition keeps you all going and brightens the day for the rest of us. Pippa sounds like such a charming companion to come into your life.