Monday, March 14, 2011

Big Love

Leo and Pippa are best buddies.  Trying to get a photo of Pippa “hugging” him around the neck with her front legs.  She just adores him; he is still a bit unsure because Cossette (the Queen cat in the house) hits him and hisses at him; actually, she attacks him.  Pippa just wants to cuddle and the other day he licked her head!  Mind you his tongue is bigger than her head!  Yup, it’s Big Love for Leo!  Pippa will miss him when he moves away in June.

Have been tatting.  I made this bookmark for a Forum challenge.  It is Jane Eborall’s butterfly pattern with beads.  I’m making a second in very colorful thread.  This blue reminded me of those very fragile looking blue butterflies that I haven’t seen very often.  They are a solid, pale blue and you can almost see through their wings.
Size 20 Lisbeth thread.  This was the first bad ball of Lisbeth I’ve encountered.  Given to splitting and I wound one shuttle and ran in to a tied knot!  I have a lot of Lisbeth, and have heard about this happening but this was my first experience.  It is a pretty light denim color.   The beads are a gift from Fox who sent me a mixture of blue/lavender blue beads.  They are so shiny and pretty, just had to use them!

Just returned from Tucson and a trip to my Nephrologist.  Holding my own and still at stage five.  On April 8,  I will have surgery for a fistula in my right arm, it takes about 2 months for the vein to ‘bulk up’ and then I can begin to have dialysis when I really need to start treatment.  Hopefully, we’ll be moved by then; and, it looks like husband wants to move to East Sacramento (or Carmichael, Fair Oakes, Folsom) area.  I’m all, “Wither thou goest.”  LOL  Have been for 55 years!

Grand daughter is due to have her baby by the end of May...She (the baby) weighs over 3 lbs now!  And is very photogenic.  Her Mom will go to El Paso in April where her Mom will join her.  Then Daddy will move everything else to El Paso in June, after he graduates.  A lot of excitement on the ridge; and, I’ll drag the old oxygen line into the kitchen and begin wrapping items to pack.  I can do that much ~ I think!

Just before we left for Tucson, terrible 1,700 acre multiple fires began in Tyrone (about 5 miles south of Silver City); and burned up to the south of the town and around the golf course.  Twelve families lost homes.  The flames were 20 feet and the wind was blowing 60 miles an hour.
This is where the fire began, evidently someone tossed out a cigarette.
Along side of highway 90 just outside of Silver.

I’ve shown photos from my house; well, this is looking towards my house ~ across the city.

Our home is directly in the middle, up the road on the ridge. If you click on the photo you can see it up close, with its blue roof! 

And, looking across Shadow Road, up the ridge; we are home!  We stopped to pick up our mail.  The windows are those of the guest room you’d stay in if you visited.  A nice view south and east from Indian Hills.   Below the window is a lovely patio encircled by a low stone wall and a long banco for sitting, just below the parking area.  This is where we have barb b cues, yum!  We will miss our Chef Omar and his gas grill!  
However, those fires reminded me that we really need to have the near trees cut back and trimmed along with the gamma grass.  Remove fuel from possible fires.  


Maureen said...

You'll miss having the new little family staying with you when they leave! - but perhaps Life will be a bit quieter without a newborn in the house.
It was fun, seeing your blue-roofed house from the outside, as you say, we usually see it from the inside looking out!
My mother lived by her maxim of Looking Forward - she would say that you have had several years of happiness on your Ridge, and it was wonderful, but now let's see how wonderful the NEW place is going to be too!
Sadly, it didn't completely convince me, I resist change!
But I know that you will relish and embrace the adventures ahead.

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks for persisting with the butterfly and also for the wonderful pictures of your home. Leo and Pippa will miss each other when he moves out!!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

The sky is so blue! It's very gray here, and I'm looking forward to blue skies.

I'm glad you're holding your own. A move sounds like an awful lot of work, but I know it's necessary. Have fun packing! ; )

Fox said...

Pretty butterfly!

So glad to hear that you are holding your own... What a trouper! Hang in...

That Pippa! She is so cute and indeed, she will miss her buddy.
♥ Fox : )

Quayceetatter said...

Critters are amazing and a great joy!! Love the butterfly but sorry to hear about the thread. I have heard of others having problems but so far I have not had any problems.
Hugs and Prayers,
Linda M in NM

God's Kid said...

Really nice butterfly bookmark! :)

battatter said...

So sweet, Leo and Pippa.. give them both hugs from me!

Tatskool said...

That was a lovely post, enjoyed seeing the photos.Getting the fistula in will be a great accomplishment. cant wait for you to move to lower ground.

Karrieann said...

..awwwwe sweet kids!

Gina said...

Yep, you got me! I've seen so many blogs with similar titles lately and it's usually bad news so I almost dread reading them but you were a good surprise!

My son was at the doorway when I was reading your blog so I had him come in and see Pippa. He just kept exclaiming "AWESOME!" Then he turned to his 2 cats and told them that's how they should look. Fortunately, cats could care less what humans think. :-)

Wishing you a successful surgery and speedy recovery. We will certainly be watching for a post with your wonderful positive outlook shining through.