Tuesday, April 5, 2011

UPDATE ~ this just in. . .April Love

Stuck with songs going through my mind lately.  Remember the movie,  “State Fair”?  I liked it because it was abut trotting horses and my uncle raised trotters.   Pat Boone sang the ballad, April Love.

I’ve experienced some of that love the first week of April.  You’ll have to come back to see the amazing remembrances that arrived via the post from Marty in Salt Lake City.  During one of our “deals,” I said that I would like something she tatted.  I was envisioning a bookmark, some small token.  You won’t believe what arrived.  But that is for later ~ when I have photos.  . . . yes, it did include two blinged shuttles!

At this point I’m contemplating leaving for Tucson and the multiple physician appointments we have ‘bundled’ to make the gas for the trip count.  Today, I learned by talking to the Director at the local Dialysis Center that they do indeed treat clients with fistulas!  Note to self:  Don’t believe primary doctor’s information about another agency in town!  Go to the source!  This means that we don’t have to leave Silver under as much pressure as we had felt heretofore.  Does not mean that we will not be moving to Sacramento because that is what we need to do; and, our financials and Realtor are all in place and waiting.  It feels good to have the pressure to act quickly removed!

Below is the gift I tatted this past week.  It takes no time at all, really, to tat Jeannie Lugert’s rosary.  I stewed over choices, though.  Like which stones, color; silver or gold findings?  Threads? In the end I went with the recipient’s favorite color choices.  Blues for Luz and Earth Colors in chocolate and green for her daughter, Georgina.  Below is the rosary in brown.  I chose to use Choco-lime HDT by TatSkool; Czech fired-glass, brown with flashes of red; sterling medal and cross; and, 3 tiger eyes (believe it or not I still have about 10 left from the string I bought some years ago at a Rock and Gem show). I rejected the idea of the brown pearls I had bought because of their size. In order to accommodate the pearls I would have had a SR of 24 ds, that meant the other SR’s also had to be larger.  I worked to the first decade and past it about 5 SR’s and just didn’t like the result.  But I have a great idea for those pearls because of their size and weight.  A perfect summer gift for someone who has plans for suppers outside.

The big plus for finishing quickly was the fact that I had the amazing luxury of a block of time one afternoon with NO ONE in the house and my shuttle just danced with the thread!  I do enjoy solitude.

I’ll leave you with the photo as I contemplate our drive, being in Tucson (a town I love) and facing what I’m told is an outpatient procedure with a lot of pain afterwards for a week or two.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to tat. Tonight,  I’m working on Shipman free tatting for the decorated headband for little Zella (who now weighs 5 lbs in her Mommies tummy).  Just practicing as I don’t want to waste the parchment silk thread (LadyShuttleMaker) and OB silver metallic that I plan to use.  Mommie-to-be wants a monochromatic array.  :>)  Truthfully, I don’t know how this is going to work out....I guess we’ll all be surprised!

When we come home, Kristen will be visiting with Rebekah until they both depart for El Paso and await Zella’s arrival.  Right now their rooms are getting new tile floors, so they’ll hang here while they wait for Georgina’s call.

I was told that I need to take some new photos of Pippa the tatting cat.  She HAS grown a great deal.  Will try to get some before the surgery on Friday.  OK, so it is Thursday now; and here she is: Packed and ready to Leave.  UPDATE:  TURNS OUT, they may not do the fistula THIS TRIP.  Big disappointment as I’d gotten UP for it...I’m a bit out of sorts about this turn of events...Yes, Marty...Pain MedIcations are a MUST. LOL


Karen said...

Praying for you - and that what you heard about the days of pain to follow will not be true for you! Blessings, Karen in OR

Marty said...

It's good to hear the pressure to move has eased a bit. That should make every one less fussled. If there's going to be pain -- ask for drugs! You know: Better Living Through Chemistry!
The rosary is really lovely. I admire your use of semi-precious stones and fancy beads. I'm stuck in glass bead mode (because if I break one or lose a bunch it's not such a big deal).

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Ah! You've tatted another beautiful rosary, Bev! I'm glad that there is less pressure for the move. I imagine that lessens your stress level some. I hope you can feel the big hugs I'm sending your way!

Fox said...

Really pretty, Bev. Love the beads surrounded by tatting.

Glad you had some precious solitude.

Marty is right - ask for the drugs! Can't hurt - literally!
♥ Fox : )

Val said...

Bev, the rosary is beautifully tatted. Very lucky recipients...

All the best for your surgery. I'm sure it will go well. Will keep you in prayers.

tatting-marie said...

I pray and know that all will go well for you. Continue to be the strong person that you are.

Good to know that "moving" pressure is lesser now.

The two roasries are just beautiful and will be greatly appreciated.

Sally Kerson said...

The rosary is indeed beautiful the gems go well with the thread. I recognise them!
Solitiude can be bliss allowing time to tat.
Sounds as though you have a difficult time ahead, but at least there is not so much pressure as before.
Look forward to new photos of pippa

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Prayers for you and the surgery..

And would love to see new pictures of Jane's namesake!

God's Kid said...

That's another very nice rosary! :)

sally said...

Hoping you are much better now, and pain free. <3