Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cross Bookmark with a Story

Ended the month by tatting the bookmark for April; for the tatting forum challenge.  I did it with the gold thread left on the shuttles from the necklace.  The designer is A J Sutton and the pattern came from Georgia Seitz’ on line tatting class.   I added small greenish/blue (depending on reflection) glass beads.  This is a very simple pattern of rings, a short chain and split rings which is available from pattern pages.    I think I finished it in about 30 minutes. It didn’t take long and went easily. I ended up giving that one to my friend, who has the SCLEWS VIEWS blog, Carolyn Lewis.  I also gave her, for her wedding anniversary the beautiful lavender brooch that Jane Eborall had in her ETSY shop.  I managed to get that cross done before May 30th!  woo hoo!

Flushed with success, I tatted two more of the pattern:  Cross with a Story.  One is blue metallic and one is gold metallic with beads.  I wish now I’d have put white beads on the blue, or silver; but, I didn’t.  I did a scan of the last two.  The gold one I’m mailing to a friend, in Oregon, who has a birthday at the end of May.

The top of the cross represents the trinity; the next 3 SRs represent the 3 wise men; the 12 small SRs represent the 12 apostles and the motif at the bottom signifies the four Gospels.

I took time out from the necklace part of the triangle piece which I’m making for Kristen’s birthday, and tatted ear rings to match.  I gave her the ear rings to open at the Baby Shower.
This is one of the ear rings before it was blocked; it is a terrible photo.  I’ll try to get a good shot of both ear wigs when I can borrow them from daughter.

 I’ve since finished one side of the tatted necklace “chain” and found the magnetic pave’ heart for a closure.
Should have it finished by the end of Sunday.  DH is taking me out for brunch after services on Sunday.  I hope I have energy enough to do two things in one day.  I think, since it is mostly sitting, I can pull it off; hope so, as we’ve never eaten at this ’new to us’ eatery.  DH is talking prime rib while I’m thinking a good salad and a plate of appetizers.


Jane Eborall said...

Lovely crosses. That metallic is my favourite ever to tat with. You've done a great job on them. Love the cottage on your page and I had to look up pulchritudinous in the dictionary!!! Very good word for Pippa!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

The crosses are beautiful, Bev! I especially like the blue one! ; )

I hope you are doing well this Mother's Day. It looks like it will be a beautiful day here in Illinois. I hope it's beautiful where you are also!

Happy Mother's Day, dear friend!

Ridgewoman said...

Ahhhh Jane. I must give credit when credit is due. Pippa was christened as pulchritudinous by our friend, FOX.

Thank you Diane, My day is better by having you as a friend. Yes, it’s a lovely day in New Mexico and my youngest sent me a bouquet of tiger lilies, roses, carnations and little lavender blue flowers. and the loveliest little Jay Strongwater piece of art for the home.

Enameled Cloisonné leaf with tiny pave frog (swarski crystals) a tiny box (that opens) topped by a dogwood flower. All enameled and encrusted with crystals. It is soooo tiny...the leaf is about 1 1/2 or less inches and the box, frog and flower adorn the top, I DO hope I can get a decent photo of this piece of art. It is one of those frivolities that is a feast to the eye. BB outdid herself this time! LOL

tatting-marie said...

Your crosses are beautiful! Love the little story that goes with them. Thanks for sharing with us. Happy Mother's Day!

Sclew said...

And I am honored to be the recipient of your beautiful tatting! I don't usually put magnets on my fridge unless they are very special. I have only two on my fridge--one is a religious quote and the other is that lovely brooch/magnet! Thanks, my friend on the hill.

Ridgewoman said...

Yes, that Brooch/magnet was tatted by my friend Jane Eborall in the UK. As I shared, it can also be worn. I’m glad you like it; you deserve the best my low-land friend. LOL