Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Tale of Three Earrings

With Appreciation to Judy for the Scan of her ear bob; as her daft friend forgot to scan them before they were posted.
This is one of a pair of ear rings done in deep, red seed beads with a pearl drop and deep red Perfect Quilter thread. These were tatted for Judy. Judy has been my cousin Peg's friend for - well since forever. Probably since grammar school; but, they are younger than BJ. Jude has a computer and Peg does not; for some years now, Judy has been a cheerful, helpful link to my cousin. The months passed, turned into years, and we became friends, too. We have shared interests as wee both drove hot rods in our youth - she was much more involved than I - my foray into racing was short-lived. Her interest persists and she educates me about NASCAR drivers. I tend to gravitate towards women who can be independent and are; creative, and who speak their minds with honesty. Now the Fire- Red ear rings are dangling from Judy's ears.
The design is a loose adaptation of a design by my friend, Yarnplayer - simple split rings with beads. I could not do any ear bobs as unique or at the level of Marilee's creativity and skill; but still, this is my beginning.
A funny thing happened on the way to Christmas; the ear rings I tatted for Kristen and Maxine's Christmas rememberances were mislayed! I didn't find them until St. Patrick's day; they were a very belated gift all around! They were stuck within the pages of my copy of Aunt Ellen's Tatting Handbook where they were obviously put for safe keeping. When I was straightening the bookshelves, out they fell! If I hadn't had scans, I'd have wondered if I'd imagined them. LOL


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Your earring is beautiful! Isn't it funny how we sometimes put things in too safe a place? I'm glad you found them!

BJ said...

Hi Diane. Yes Maxine and Kristen were very happy I had found them; and they were pleased to wear them.
My "safe places" are often the safest from ME.
When I was 16 I put my car keys in a 17 magazine and put the magazine in the refrigerator. I have no idea why - this was in the fifties, so no 'grassy' influence! LOL

kristen said...

I believe Judy loves these earrings because I would. Of course my would have to be purple. (hint,hint) I love my earrings and tell all who listen about my tatting mom in NM. I bet all are jealous of Judy and I because we have BJ originals! You go, mom!

BJ said...

Jello, Daughter! :>)
There are two solutions possible in your comment.
I can make you a pattern and you can tat your fav colour ear rings OR
#2 (which I'm sure you will choose) I can make up a pair for your end-of-May birthday with purple(ish) beads. Whatcha think?
Love U
The Mom who is still going!