Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Tatting Books Spring Forth!

Tatting Designers have spent the months working, reworking; and, having 'test tatters' tat their newly created designs.

First to land on my desk was Holidays on the Block by Martha Ess. This was especially welcomed addition to my tatting library because I am learning block tatting this year; and also, Martha's patterns are always clearly written and easy for a beginning or intermediate tatter; yet, are challenging and fun for an advanced tatter. There are 24 Holiday and seasonal Block Tatting designs by Martha; it was a must in my tatting budget.
The Introduction includes Abbreviations used in the patterns. In addition a schematic that illustrates four different Methods of block tatting; columns, labeled Method, an Illustration, How-To, # of shuttles, Advantages and Disadvantages, and Notations for End of Row (EOE). There are also tips on very small picots, joins, and a section on Pattern Notes that pertain to block tatting as well as other useful techniques such as folded rings, long-Beaded picot (LBP), down Picot with bead (DPB) and so forth. As I was inhaling each fresh page, I came to page 16 - which is SPRING, and a lovely little umbrella. I took a second look and saw a yellow sticky note with a smile drawn upon it - and it was holding in place a wonderfully tatted umbrella from Martha! What a clever way to surprise an old lady. Thank you, Martha. Both for the lovely book and the surprise. Now I am watching the mail box for the next three books that I have ordered that are newly printed plus three others that I had been meaning to buy for some time. I am a firm believer in supporting our talented tatting designers as my tatting budget allows. So many choices!


Pamela said...

You are one happy tatter.
Martha's book is like opening a selection box of yummy chocolates just as tempting in what to choose first but not as fattening!...........well maybe it is as it keeps us sitting down too long!

BJ said...

Yes Pamela, I am one fortunate, happy tatter. I found I can eat M&M's and tat! Definitely not thinking about anything fattening here.
I figure at nearly 72, I can pretty much eat what I want - and consequences be - well! LOL Now I'm trying to decide which motif to begin with, even though it is nearing Spring here in NM; I was thinking of the flip-flop with pretty beads or tiny buttons! hummmm
Thank you for your comment, I always like to meet a new (to me) tatter!

Linda S Davies said...

Ohhh you lucky lady! All those lovely books! I wouldn't know which one to start with!. I tend not to buy any more books these days as I am constantly designing my own stuff, plus designing and making my bridal collection that I don't have time to try out other peoples' patterns! :-(

BJ said...

LOL Linda! Well kiddo I am going to enjoy making one of your lovely flowers from my book "From Petals to Pearls" for my next 25/challenge.:>)
The book purchases were a consolation prize to myself, since I had to miss going to the Shuttlebirds Workshop in Spokane. Thus, Karey's two new books and Sharon's reworking of her book! I'll get to a workshop one of these years to meet other tatters in person!
If I could tat as well as you, I might not have time to tat anything else either! Luckily, I'm still working on the basics - so new ideas are a necessity! LOL
Thanks for visiting me!


TattingChic said...

BJ, I am glad you are enjoying your new book. It looks like you are having fun. I look forward to a picture of your endeavors.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Isn't Martha's book great? I haven't done any block tatting yet, but I'm eager to get started!

yarnplayer said...

what a nice bunch of patterns!
I especially like the umbrella. Hope you have a lot of fun tatting these!
I ordered Sharon's book as well, and am looking forward to seeing it.

Bro Bob said...

Hello Sis Bev, just finished reading all in your BLOG including all the comments from your tatting buddies. Yes, folks, I can say this lady Bev, or BJ, as she is also known, is a very courageous and lovely person. I love her to pieces. Bro Bob

BJ said...

Bro Bob: Bob and I have mutually 'adopted' one another because I needed a baby brother. LOL We have been friends for many years, having met when I purchased my first Yorkie -
Designers Dandy Dancer, "Jaime" and then, bought Brierly's Sara-n-dipity. But we have many other common interests. Art, Music, Politics, Life,
Loving, relationships, Movies - no end of common interests. And, I just love this man - he is the BEST and most loving person I know. I'm proud to be his "sis" in spirit and heart. Ours is an everlasting friendship of mutual support and cheering each other onward and upwards! Plus he lives in a place actually named Margaritasville; how cool is that? LOL
Thank you Bob for your long read and comment!