Sunday, May 11, 2008

"M" is for MAY and MOTHER'S Day

I REMEMBER MAMMA: Zella Pauline Briggs-Johnson at age 21 with her baby girl, BJ. Yuma, Arizona Winter, 1936

HDT "Brown Rose" by Yarnplayer (Marilee) contender for rose center on BJ's Oval, "Sheep May Safely Graze" Doily

BOOKMARK TATTED BY MARILEE - YARN PLAYER WITH HER HDT, a rememberance from my favorite HDT person.

Spent the Saturday before Mother's Day tatting an Oak Leaf and acorns for the 25-Challenge which are posted; and, roses for the center of a new project. This is the basic rose with mock picots and I tend to loose count of the rounds. I was one short on the last round, so a bit lopsided. But I'm tatting my practice roses with different threads. Also, the thread isn't the color I had envisioned; however, I have some HDT (Marilee's), "Brown Rose", that looks like vintage, heritage roses. I want the roses to be perfect so will do some practice roses first. I think I have enough of the HDT skein to make the 3 roses I need.

Youngest daughter, BB, called to ask if her 'gift' had arrived safely. A lovely, large arrangement of White and Pink Tiger Lilies interspersed with white"Star-shaped" orchids, ferns. The aroma fills the room! Eldest daughter, Kristen, sent the neatest, red, bag organizer. It is a long strip about 5" wide, with pockets, flaps and many storage areas. It fits inside a tote or purse so one does not have to "fish" for their belongings.

Included are a lighted compact (one side is 8X magnification), a tweezers w magnification and a small clip light so you can see the bottom of a dark purse interior. Amazing! My first thought was - "oooh, I can use it for tatting that travels!" My second thought was, "Chin hairs!" . . .won't go into that - more information than you want to know! :>)


TattingChic said...

Nice pic of your Mother. The bookmark turned out nicely as welll, I did a Mother's day Tribute on my blog as well. My Mom taught me how to tat.
Love ya BJ

BJ said...

Thanks Tattingchic.
The bookmark was tatted by Marilee who is Yarnplayer and is my source for HDT.
Zella taught me to love music, sing, seek education, and a great love of reading. She was "Maureen O'Hara" to Daddy's "John Wayne." LOL The 'kid' turned out to be normal in spite of the drama!

yarnplayer said...

Glad you like the brown rose color, and I will be looking for photos of those tatted roses!

BJ said...

LOL Yarnplayer - Yes Marilee, I'll be looking forward to seeing one also. So far I've deconstructed 3 of the seven I made which were not accpetable to bj.
DH loves the color, also. That's why I'm saving my thread - takes as long to deconstruct as it took to tat! LOL He thinks because it is size 50, that it would be a beautiful edging thread.
hummmm you may SEE it revived as an edging!
hugs, BJ