Saturday, May 31, 2008

June on the Ridge

The Sunset on June 1st as I finished Day 6 of the TIAS! This is looking North - the view from our front yard by the pinon tree!
Do you know who this could be?
She was four years old and will soon be another year older. She was very fond of her 'grown up' necklace that looked like golden bells. Her Mommy made the blue dress trimmed with rick-rack and she had a blue bow in her Blond hair. Check out those Mary Pickford style "baloney" curls. Can you say ouch metal curlers? They were hard to sleep on. Her Grandpa Chris called her his "Danska Prima" when she visited the big farm in Iowa. As of Today - June 1st - she has a Jamie Lee Curtis, short, short hair style - And her friends who love her are saying, "Oh, you look 10 years younger." Let's see, that would make her 62~ LOL ROTFL

I began with a dark burgandy and a medium pink; size 20 thread; and, a purple button - the third color is vintage thread - ecru. I used #11 moonstone seed beads, my needle threader, small crochet hook (both were for adding beads), 2 Aero shuttles and 1 wooden shuttle, six safety pins provided by MAGGIE (an HBT member) in Liberty, AK. The "love" tin holds my gauges and the little bag with the fan design holds (DS9 creation) my shuttle. . . and then the fun began!

A funny thing happened after day 4. When I was suppose to attach the thread to the beaded row, the safety pin caught the thread in the coil - and I felt so smart as I wiggled it free. Until I realized, I had in my 'wiggling' broken the thread! I deconstructed (by cutting it all out) back to the point where I could reload the beads and make a ring with beads, chain . . .I added thread with a small knot; put a drop of PVA glue on and quit for the night. The next day I finished back to where I had started and made yet another fatal error in reading the pattern. I think I have re tatted this at least three times! Seriously!

Then the Day the coiless safety pins arrived and I thought about all the knots and glue and said, "What the hey..." Beginning again from scratch, I decided to switch the medium pink to be the working line and the darker color for the split rings. Starting over also afforded me the luxury of really planning out my bead colors - so I "crow picked" and came up with Pearl white, Peach, and Turquoise which is working nicely! In certain areas, I've chosen to go all white, or all peach, or all turquoise - but the first four strings are W, P, and T. As soon as I receive and finish Day 6, I'll post an updated photo. I'm not sure what it is that I am making; perhaps, and it's just a wild guess at this point - a wheeled conveyance? It looks like a person with head, arms and legs at this point. We will see!


Marty said...

Ahhhh, cute kid! I remember ringlets -- Mom used to make mine by brushing my hair around her finger (luckily it was already curly so no mental curlers for me). I have to admire your persistence with the TIAS! I've decided my thread colors aren't going to work well at all, but I'm too lazy to start again!

Marty said...

Mental curlers?? I guess I should never have started using those.

TattingChic said...

That is a darling picture. What a cute cute little girl! Your sunset looks beautiful and I look forward to your progress on the TIAS.

BJ said...

Marty - "mental" curlers? LOL You made me go look to see if I had a typo. LOL
I was born with curly hair but it went away by the age of five. After Chemo it came back curly again; it will stay curly if I wear it really short.
X bj

BJ said...

Tatting Chic - you asked for it - here is Day 6!

x BJ