Monday, June 9, 2008

25-Challenge - June

Motif #5 Lupine/bluebonnet - designer: Pat Monroe

Using size 80 thread is not something I have done. However, the flower designs in Pat's book all call for size 80 thread - and I have a variety of colors, for that day "when I'll get brave enough to. . . " Card was done in Sulky (Blue) and King Tut (variegate) - sewing threads, equivalent to size 80. The only finishing touch that needs done is the greenery at the bottom. I used my Staedtler Aquarell pencils, and plan on finding my size 7 water color brush and water coloring the leaves. However, I wanted to get this card sent out to Gary Houtz - sending him prayers and wishes for a quick recovery from a recent car accident - so needed to scan right away.
Pat's book of flowers are wonderful for using on cards or appliques.
Since doing these little flowers I feel much better about using size 80. I didn't have to do any retro tatting on these simple rings - and I was able to get two unwanted knots undone - so I think I'll try something a bit larger with my stash of size 80 threads.


NormaH said...

Beautiful tatting BJ. Love the flowers and the colors you chose. Cards with tatted flowers are really fun to do. Keep up the good work.

TattingChic said...

BJ, that is very sweet looking. Just beautiful.

Pamela said...


BJ said...

Oh Thank you everyone! You made my day. I really did try to make it 'special' since it was going to Gary. I didn't have the exact colors called for - but thought these worked. I was just happy my 'experiment' with size 80 thread turned out to be okay.
Thank you for visiting.
hugs, BJ