Sunday, June 15, 2008


This is Silver City's, Belle! The result of Jane Eborall's Tat it and See. I decided Belle is one of Silver's old maids as her teeth are rather odd - and she is apparently doing a rain dance in anticipation of the monsoon season.
Belle lives on the mountains in the background ~ and, should you come visit, you would drive across the desert floor of cacti and shrub, to the gamma grass ~ to the ridge on the mountain. I do believe that in months to come, she will share her ancestors who settled during the Spanish Colonial period. Belle is rather tattered than tatted; but she was fun! I should add that I had more challenges tatting this TIAS than when we did the Hippo. Everything went wrong that could go wrong; threads broke, beads rolled, I didn't have 2 beads the same size for what turned out to be eyes (Thus Silver Belle is a bit cock-eyed). She seemed quite doomed at times and I did have first, second and third thoughts about even sending her to Jane's home; but, common sense prevailed over pride! Additionally the tension is terribly uneven! It is tight where I felt confident and baggy where I was uncertain - I think there is at least once instance of the dreaded "gapiosis" we learned to avoid during Beginner's tatting class! If it is of any encouragement to newbies ~ almost everyone had difficulties of different sorts on this one! But we all do love our little 'girls'.
After a blown-up examination of her photo, it came to me that she may well be an ALIEN who has come visiting from the Roswell, NM area; as evidence, note that she is transparent!


TattingChic said...
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BoB the Bike said...

A hippie from Roswell?

Love it


BJ said...

New Mexico is rampant with old hippies; Silver City seems a gathering spot; but, Roswell is Alien central. I'm convinced Belle came over from Roswell to visit the lower boot heel.