Saturday, July 12, 2008


A bit about Myrtlewood, in response to inquiries. The most interesting fact is that myrtlewood coins were used in history and are on display. And on a different thread ~
LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! When I was 'surfing' Etsy and my favorite seller's, (Yarnplayer, Ladyshuttlemaker,GMA, and Jane Eborall) I saw this shuttle. It spoke to me ~ well, LOOK at it! When it arrived I was ecstatic. It has a substantial size and the artistic design and color is just wonderful. This post shuttle will hold a lot of thread! I think Sherry did a fantastic job and her creativity has an appreciative, loving home!

Support your Tatting Artisans! I am a supporter of all fine arts which includes but is not limited to ceramics, photography, weaving, fiber tools. Many are works of art in and of themselves ~ This shuttle falls into that category. These photos are from My collection is slowly, but consistently growing as the budget allows! I'm wondering who will appreciate 'inheriting' my tatting treasures. It has to be someone who actually tats! All of my collection has thread wound and they are all used! The larger ones replace balls of thread ~ and become handy for split rings!
Celebrated the arrival of July with the order from Nina Libin (mentioned in an earlier post) and promptly used the shuttle in the creation of the main ingredient of my July x-change ~ which made for great harmony.
Nina Libin's Beading Shuttles come two to a pack; and, work quite nicely.
These, too, are from Nina Libin's site ~ I won't loose gauges in the bedding! I opted for the lighter wood. These worked quite well on those numerous picots in the secondary ingredient of the x-change..
After corresponding with Grizzlymountainarts on ETSY, Dave Stanborough was commissioned to create a Myrtlewood post shuttle, with an etching of the Cascades in Oregon, and a Purpleheart bobbin shuttle with turquoise inlay. My requisite was simplicity with functionality. Nothing too busy in decoration. Dave's level of creativity and expertise is amazing; I am anxiously awaiting their arrival! I plan to add to my GMA collection with a scrimshaw with inlay incorporated in a Lady Hoare-type shuttle and a knotting shuttle.
You can learn all about Myrtlewood at:; but, Myrtlewood shuttles are available from Dave Stanborough who does custom scrimshaw; while Jo Stanborough does Ancient Ivory Jewelry as well as a number of other types of natural elements. or grizzlymountain arts on ETSY.

JULY DID BEGIN WITH A HEAVENLY BANG. . .ROAD TRIP! My Granddaughter, Rebekah June, (yes; named after Oma) called at 11 AM and asked if I would accompany her on an unexpected trip to Bisbee, AZ to depart at 1 PM. Rebekah is an Assistant Manager at Java~Lina in Silver City, NM. They buy their roasted coffee beans for the cyber-cafe in Bisbee from a Red-headed fellow with dreadlocks. As lightening struck the ridge, and marble-size hail pelted down, we set off down the mountain on highway 90 to connect with Interstate 10, south of Lordsburg, NM. The traffic on 90 stopped twice because of horizontal rain, low clouds, lightening, and hail! We could not hear one another talk over the thunder and hail hitting the van! Cars and 10-wheelers alike turned on their emergency flashers, dodging for the paved sides of the road. One poor soul on a motorcycle was given refuge within a large SUV by a passing good Samaritan. Frankly, in this isolated part of the southwest, I'd probably not allow a stranger into my rig; however, I would stop for an acquaintance! Our percentage of murders is quite high this close to the border of Mexico. Four Hours later we arrived in Bisbee and had picked up the tubs of coffee in 1 pound packets. As you can imagine the van smelled heavenly!

A surprise was in store as on the desert floor at Bisbee (even though it's in a hilly area) I did not need to use my oxygen; and, of course I do not need it when I am just sitting. But that meant I could walk into the High Desert Restaurant and Natural Food Store (I give it 4 out of 5 stars) and also walk around the shops connected to the building. I felt. . .well, normal and very feisty indeed! No wheelchair, yeah! Bekah bought me a Freida Kahlo shopping bag for eight dollars.(that is, Freida's self portrait is on the bag) I was assured the bag was "Very strong and holds a lot." I didn't care, I am just a bag lady, and I loved the lavender and blue colors that decorate the sides! LOL Those of you who are also 'bag ladies' will understand the glee of acquiring a new and different bag! It is almost as good as getting new shuttles and tatting tools!
Bisbee Arizona retains its historicity but is filled with funky shops, southwestern art galleries, antique stores, A man's hat store (Panama hats in a variety of styles). The inhabitants seem to be artisan/ hippies or "greenie"/Vegans in their Berkenstocks. (yes, BJ has a pr of very old Berkies!) Two of the must see places are The Bisbee Turquoise Mine and the Historic Bisbee Hotel which is an impressively large edifice of the 1800's and looks like a viable wedding anniversary trip destination! The Bisbee Open Pit Turquoise Mine offers tours daily; and, there is the requisite Bisbee Blue turquoise shop (which has become a bit rare in the market and the older pieces that were my Mother's have appreciated greatly ~ not that I would sell them at any rate!) There are also numerous book stores and the town reminded Rebekah of her recent trip to cities in Spain with narrow, winding streets. She loved it and can't wait to go back and do a photo journal of the architecture and store windows.
Arriving home in merely 3 hours, due to better weather, we found husband and dog asleep in front of the television. It took a while for the adrenaline to reach acceptable levels and I have not been as awake nor as enthusiastic in months! Rejuvenating!
My Christmas in July X-change is completed and ready for the mail; and, I feel good about finishing before the deadline! Yeah! And I MUST mention the Roly Poly bags and shuttle pouches (the areo points and mini hooks won't poke through!) that Jane Eborall is offering on Etsy. I have one and have ordered two more; plus, I had in the distant past bought 8 quarter rounds of print cotton fabric which I'm sharing with Jane in x-change for shuttle pouches. A good trade all around. These bags seem small but hold a lot of tatting tools, shuttles, threads and beads! They are really keen, portable and attractive. Way to go Jane!


Maureen said...

That is such an interesting description of your trip! - Bisbee sounds a little like our own Byron Bay, insofar as it's populated with dreadlocked coffee-sellers and Birkensocks! I like the new haircut too!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

I love your new haircut BJ. You look really lovely!

Your shuttle collection is enviable!

BJ said...

Thank you Maureen nd Sherry for your visit and nice comments. My granddaughter says my 'do' makes "You look like your old self." LOL
I am fortunate to have the beginnings of a lovely shuttle collection, and Ladyshuttlemaker's fits that bill, also. Thanks Sherry!
hugs, BJ

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Isn't collecting shuttles fun? I agree that they are works of art, and when I can afford them, I buy. I know I have friends and family members who don't understand why I collect shuttles, but I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, or go to therapy, so I feel justified in my collection vice! Congratulations on some real beauties! Have you tried your myrtlewood shuttle yet? I love the feel of it... it's one of my favorites!

BJ said...

Hi Diane, Yes the Myrtlewood shuttle is loaded and making some interesting Lantana blooms with Yarnplayer's HDT in nectarine. Myrtlewood seems to have a 'life' of its own. Warm in the hands and so soft, this shuttle is a good size to use, also. The bobbin shuttle is a bit tricky to adjust, but it's great for those patterns where one needs to get into small spaces.
I've reached an age where I don't justify my behaviors and purchases any longer. LOL DH just says, "Another shuttle?" and I give him a blank look and say, "But I have new thread!" I call that my "blonde" answer. LOL At present the bobbin shuttle is making earrings ~ or will be as of August 8.