Friday, August 8, 2008


Friends on herebetatters are having an Olympics Tatting Event. I'm offering my Bobsled Bookmark; and, jewelry jumping (not yet begun) in the spirit of fun. The backing for the bookmark will be in a soft, white leather; however, Norma H. has offered me white Ultrasuede and that would be perfect!
I designed the background as I stitched, composed of Colcha Embroidery representing the snow and an applique sled run tatted with Mary Konier's, "Crooked Mile". I used Ladyshuttlemaker's Pensacola Beach HDT in silk. Scattered stitches in Oren Bayon silver metallic (from Trina at Foxhollowfarms) add a glisten to the snow which doesn't show up in the photograph. The insets are abstract trees and snow-covered mountains and at the top I added my little red sled, made with Altin Balsak deep red from Jane Eborall. When I finished I noticed that the bookmark itself had taken on the look of a sled !
The irony, of my chosen thread arts, is that Tatting requires a pattern of knots; whilst Colcha Embroidery has only one rule, "NO knots." Consisting of long runs of couched stitches (unevenly stitched) which produces a woven look; and, short stitches in various directions show movement in an element. Some historical pieces have a lot of movement and a sheen.
Colcha is not meant to be perfect in any way as is Crewel or other needle work. It must be remembered that this work was done by the women before and after each day of labor, by twilight and candle light. It was utilitarian in nature: bedclothes, curtains, table cloths, shawls and the backs were heavy and solid, as is seen on the back of tapestry. Their work reflected the beauty of nature which surrounded them in the Rio Grande Valley of Colorado and New Mexico during the Spanish Colonial Period.

As Promised: The tatting projects and promised threads have been: sent , blocked, mounted on cards; and, now uploaded.
First up: This "S" and ear rings for S. Fuller, my x-change recipient. These are the tatting part of her box of goodies. Gil Fischer's Alphabet "S", and Joy Reno's icicle adapted as ear rings. ROT's, "Tatting 2000" pattern book. Susan really liked the thread used on the "S"; a pink, lavender and blue variegated thread by Rubi, equivalent to size 20. Rubi thread is very soft, but has lovely colors. The 'doodle' adapted for ear rings was done in Valdini (DS9designs) in a soft mauve.

The Plain Rosary was an pattern/design sent to me by LadyTats. Jeannie L. I plan to gift this to the young, Catholic woman who comes and checks on my oxygen concentrator periodically. This was done in Yarnplayer's HDT in lavender, #10

This little thank you card is from a Cross pattern by Lindsay Rodger's book, "Tatting Collage" In Flora, gold, size 50
Another surprise in Susan's box was The Flute Player, a Kokopelli figure designed by Jane Eborall. After many threads breaking, I switched to lavender size 20 Flora and made the whole head a magnetic hematite bead, rather than just an eye. A happy accident which happened because I still hadn't nailed down bead sizing. I have corrected that lack of knowledge for future projects. The twist in the first feather was done during scanning.

Now that the Olympics have begun, I tatted a bookmark today, and I'm working on the Colcha elements. In spite of it being the Summer Olympics, I chose a "bobsled bookmark" Go Figure! Thus, the crooked mile runs down the mountain of snow!

Also, tatting a pair of very special ear rings for a friend of about 30 years. And they are based upon Nancy T's Peony clover leaf pattern. I had finished one earring, except for the dangle and decided I didn't like the way it was working and changed to a different thread which Jane Eborall sent to me. My friend's favorite color is red, as is the thread! Ruth Ann saw the ear rings I'd tatted for Judy on this blog (which is why I can't tell you more about the ear rings) I love it when a plan comes together! She will be surprised! I will say there is thread, fluid silver tube beads and something else in sterling as a dangle.


Tara said...

Beautiful Work! Your exchange partner is going to be delighted!


yarnplayer said...

Wow! You have been busy!
These are all wonderful tatted items. This is the first time I have seen the "plain rosary" pattern. Quite an exercise in split rings! I can see how it is divided up into "decades" so it would actually work as a rosary - very clever! I can see the color when the photo is enlarged, and as usual, get a big thrill from seeing something made in HDT.
You've tatted so many lovely gifts - beautifully, as usual.
Hope there will be photos of the embroidery as well.