Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Leaving August with this almost 'mystical' doorway in the New Mexico sky. It leads towards Arizona and my friend Hope Green who believes she moved to 'paradise' near Tucson. Perhaps she did! :>)

How do you feel about 'loose ends'? I don't like them in tatting or in life. Today, I had to go to the chemo department for a blood draw and a port flush (but no transfusion ~ yeah!). Since I was up and dressed, carting the oxygen around; the minute I came in the door, I began gathering up all those treasures that required photos. I even took a shot of the naked denim bag! I managed to set up shots utilizing a box under blue felt, and below are the results. Enjoy!

Jane Eborall's custom-made, Roly-Poly Bags are a real treat and very functional. I own three. Each consists of the bag, a poke-proof pouch for shuttles (2 of my English Aeros), and little envelopes that hold 2 bobbins (I can squeeze in four!). My Favorite is, primarily blue & pink paisley, in a bright polished cotton. Jane made the wrist strap larger on two; so they fit over my hand. I keep a mini-crochet hook, on the paisley since it's carried in a little, yellow purse.

Jane also gifted me with 2 rolls of Altin Basak thread; a green (334) and a lovely rose-red (358). Also 6 bangles (3 gold, 3 silver) which I can use for sun catchers. The roly poly holds threads, shuttles, beads, gauges, scissors and my photo copied pattern in the works. I especially like it because it will lay on my lap and not slip away. Thank you Jane! ETSY shop for Roly Poly bags, tatted pieces, is: JaneEborall Check it out!

Christmas in July brought the box from Ashtabula, OH. TaTNThreadz (Trina Hall) was my anonymous 'gift er'. (I know; isn't a word) Her box arrived on a perfect day for a surprise ~ Monday! She was very generous as you can see from the photo below. Not pictured is hand cream (granddaughter wheedled that; and, Special M&M Dark Triple Chocolate candy ~ yes! DH took that, he said "It is my 10% 'carrying charge" but he did share).
Lovely tatted pieces: Snowflake, Heart, and an Autumn Leaf. My immediate favorite became the mini crochet hook which I affixed to the strap from my Jane bag, as it hangs on my wrist perfectly~ The small plastic box has separate areas for just the right amount of beads and opens from two sides, so there is really twice the capacity. That required some thinking, what favorite beads were to be added to those than Trina sent? Included in the box were pieces of what is called, "mermaid's tears" from Lake Erie! Mermaids tears are irregular shapes of various colored glass (mine are aqua green and milky white) tumbled and smoothed by the action of the lake. I am a huge mermaid fan; and, must learn some way to incorporate those into my tatting! Altin Bashak and Oren Bayan Dantel in a variety of colors; and, Oren Bayan metallic in silver and gold! There is also an AB thread in a peachy tan that has gold threads in it, just gorgeous! Color Number: 2329. And tucked inside was a lavender candle made in a local shop ~ which I'm using as a potpourri in my yellow bag. Oh yes, the yellow bag holds my roly-poly, extra threads, patterns, and has a lining that seems to resist dampness while it is a bright Quilted- cotton on the outside . Up in the Left hand corner is pinned a little badge that says, "I'm Just Tatting." The best part is that I can purchase these threads through FrogHollowFarm, Tattnthreadz, on ETSY and so can you!

I wish I Knew who made this Angel Box (below) ; but sadly, I do not. This was part of the Angel Gram box. I apologize for the late posting; but, getting things together and setting up a digital photo shoot is not something I can get done on a regular basis. Especially if it can't be scanned at bedside! LOL

But you know if you made it, and I thank you from a grateful heart.

That takes care of August's loose ends, which were important and needed to be added to the blog.

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Hope said...

The photo is AWESOME, and I love the comment about it.. what a treat to find it at 3am on a sleepless night! hugs and love Hope