Monday, September 1, 2008

I Love These Blogs .

Sharon Briggs
Jane Eborall
Pam Meyers
Jeanne Lugert

Bob Shotton
Terry McGuffin
Zena Herbert

OUR PRAYERS are with our friends in Mississippi and Louisiana. I know some of our Tatters were evacuated early; but, we pray that their homes will be preserved; and, they will be able to return in a timely manner. Also, that the volunteers and emergency folks will be safe while doing their work.

A, lesser annual irritation is a typical scene in downtown (using the term loosely) Silver; the monsoon rain water flows down from surrounding mountains and washes down the streets West to East. I should mention that the fellow from California has obviously heard that Silver is Old Hippie Central as well as an up-and-coming (in their minds) Artist's center. This is why we chose to live up on the ridge instead of one of the charming Victorian or Queen Ann homes up Yankee Street and Broadway! Quizzical question , in dry weather, "Why are the curbs 3 feet high?" In New Mexico, the owners of businesses and homes pay for their own sidewalks and curbs! Installation and upkeep. Not exactly a progressive state with Governor Richardson at the helm.


yarnplayer said...

Hope all are safe! Glad to know that you are on higher ground.

BJ, I'm giving you an award! Check out the details on my blog. It's just a fun thing, feel free to decline if it's a burden.

BJ said...

A burden? Heavens no! What a treat and a bit of fun. Thank you very much. What do I do to accept?

hugs BJ

yarnplayer said...

What I did to get the picture was right-click on it and "save as" in a photo folder on my computer. (It's ok to do this, because it's an award, and you've been given it.) Then when you post to blogger, upload that photo as usual.
To get the people's names to link to their blogs, first find their blog, then highlight the URL for it. Copy by using "Ctrl" and "c" at the same time. Then when you are writing the post, highlight the name, then click on the little symbol at the top of the new post writing area that says "hyperlink". When the little box pops up, use "Ctrl" and "v" at the same time to insert the URL into it. The name will change color to show that it has been linked.
You may know all this stuff already, but just in case it would help someone I've included it in the comment.

Ladytats said...

Thanks for the award. I will have to take time in the next couple of days to post it to my blog and figure out who to give it to next.
Thanks very much