Friday, September 12, 2008

This and That

September 11. We Remember those who lost their lives. September 11, we celebrate our freedom. We remember those who have dealt with floods in Iowa (Des Moines), Louisiana (Baton Rouge) and the Gulf Coast. We continue to pray for those who are facing hurricane Ike.

Happy Birthday daughter, Betty!

It is also the day, some years ago, that my daughter BB arrived ~ all nine pounds! And the Dr said, as he delivered the child, "Gonna be a football player, look at those shoulders!" A nine pound GIRL! She, in turn, had a 12 pound BOY. I think I'll stick with BB! She called and opened her gift while we were talking; and, she LOVED it! The vintage, green Carnival Dish in Stag and Holly pattern, with spade feet was made in the early 1900's. She said it looks perfect on her table. Don't you just love it when a person is so thrilled with a gift? I do!

It was also a day for me to be thrilled by a gift. The nice thing about being an 'only' is that one can choose special women along the way to be sisters. My Lil Sis, Marie, sent me the CD from the recent Palmetto workshop. So many patterns! Which one first? 'Ti's a quandary. Thank you Marie~

I had been buying them the last couple of years and when I went to the site to buy THIS years, it wasn't up as yet; so, I e-mailed Marie to ask about the CD. She answered "Don't BUY it this year! You did that last year, too!" Folks have a really hard time surprising me; my DH chief complaint! He can count on one hand the times in the last 52 years he has been able to surprise me with a gift.
Today was a getting-out-day for DH and myself. We went to Bible Study with our friends, led by our Pastor (Studying 1 Corinthians); then, we went to Wally World. I was in fine fettle so had a good time looking for souvenirs for exchanges and Secret Santa package, bought post cards and something denim, something metal and also poly fill for the Holiday decorations.

I plan to have one side with a Tatted Holiday motif and the other side with a simple Colcha stitching, celebrating the Mimbres and NM Culture of flora and fauna. I'm even making a few for Thanksgiving, and Fall Festival season. Like Turkeys and Owls and even a bat or two!
I hope to make the 12 Days of Christmas ornaments in time to have them ready for our Oktoberfest Festival (Party, games, laughter) that our Guild presents around Reformation Sunday.
Because I'm commited (or should be!) to finishing UFO's before the New Year, I passed on doing the T.I.A.S. #4. I did go take a look and it is block tatting. So if you've been itching to try your hand at this tatting element, now is a good time. There is a very good tutorial by Jane Eboral, which is linked to the TIAS site. I didn't have the time to block tat (I'm never satisfied with my result, so it takes me twice as long to get what I want), and am being very good and sticking to my plan!

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