Friday, September 26, 2008

September's Sigh

I feel as though I've been walking in sand, one step forward and . . . I have nothing to post at the end of this month; and, I have several motif for the 25-challenge but they need mounted to colored pencil backgrounds and. . . everything in my life is pending at the moment.
I have completed the edging UP TO the last corner, whereupon, I can begin the repeat along the bottom, attaching to the hankie as I go the 36" journey! (sigh)
On top of that I received a jury summons. Now, over-the-years I've completed my judicial obligations; however, being semi ambulatory and having "complex" (to quote my oncologist) health issues, I do not see jury duty as being in my future. I was amazed at how instrusive and nosey the courts of the state of NM are! Some of the questions are too personal and not legal in a job interview! (sigh)
I've just received a boat load of news; upon which I need time to ruminate. Mostly concerning my granddaughter and middle daughter (her Mother) which may require some life adjustments (at least mentally). LOL (sigh)
Managed, with granddaughter and DH assistance, to get everything to the Church for the Guild's annual fundraising sale. Someone is going to get some unworn, very nice clothes at a reasonable price ~ due to my fluxuating sizes during chemo and radiation. I would loose a size or two and gain it back (the health folks wanted me to gain it back). At least 4 of the items were still in the bags in which they arrived! (sigh)
My next post will be October's and I should have some tatting finished and scanned by then. I do have 3/4 of a snowflake blocked, and it is awaiting its last, outer round. (from, YarnPlayer, Marilee's book). I had a lot of difficulty with the pattern as so much was assumed; and unfortunately (for me) I am one of those tatters that requires very precise instructions for each step. The book is probably more for experienced intermediate and advanced tatters than for beginning intermediate. The tatter's who proofed the patterns must have been much more experienced than I. It took me four tries to get the first and second rounds done correctly! (sigh)
SIGHING OFF UNTIL NEXT TIME (my "l" is sticking, sigh)

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