Monday, November 3, 2008

A Month for Thanks Giving ~ November

Woo Hoo! My Secret Santa package was mailed Nov 3! I spent most of the month gathering items for the package; and, have nearly completed another of Nancy Taylor's motif that are for Congratulatory Cards ~ in this case another Baby Boy for my granddaughter's girlfriend in Sacramento. This time I used size 40 HDT with 4mm pearls. I've yet to tat it in the size 20 that is suggested.

Still pending are the flowers for the 25 challenge. I finally gathered my art sketchbook, #7 brush and watercolor pencils all at the same time. I've done one rock wall, for verbena to nestle against.

I did complete Pamela Meyer's Tumbling Snowflake in size 20, Flora with 4mm crystals. I plan to do one with Her Rainbow Bright size 40 thread with seed beads, soon. I also completed an appreciable amount of the never ending table runner. About 10 more inches in length and 6 inches in width.

We had a very nice time at the recent Oktoberfest at Church on the evening of Reformation Sunday. Sauerkraut, brats, the required number of sours and sweets. We had a white elephant auction which turned out to be very jovial as our pastor was the auctioneer. A good time was had by all; and, I sat at the table and tatted while Loyal bid on a ???? because his 'girlfriend' (me) liked the bag it was in! LOL It is a lovely iridescent peach, 2-piece lotus with a tea light. One drops scented oil in the top and it diffuses the scent. I have some lovely vanilla scent that I plan to use.

THE BAG will hold the Christmas gifts to the pastor and his little family. He gets the bag (because he liked it so much ~ it is an English Bulldog smoking a cigar; and, he HAS an English Bull named Lucy) I'm not sure whether Lucy smokes cigars or not! Baby Faith (Pastor's youngest) is now toddler age and walked about seeking attention and trick or treating. She had a good time with my granddaughter who came with her fiance, Omar.
Rebekah and Faith played. Ironic because years ago when I bought Bekah's Cabbage Patch Doll, her name was "Faith".

Omar passed the time letting the 10-something Pastor's son, Anthony entertain him with coin and card tricks. Omar has a nephew about the same age and it was a good entertainment for Anthony as we haven't many children at our Church; mores the pity. Mostly old folks. I also bought a painting Arlene donated to the fundraiser portion of the evening. Arlene is the local President of the Gila Regional Art Council, and an oil painter. It's a lovely harbour scene with docked sailboats and will look very nice in my soon-to-be updated bedroom suite.

I'm just beginning work on Marilee's "Encore" earrings for a friend. I probably won't get them completed by Christmas but it's a Welcome Home gift as Jackie's been gone from our midst for 2 years. She likes blues so the basic thread will be rainbow bright, with the matching blue, seed beads are Opaque AB pearl Delicas, blue/black size 8 faceted beads (2), and the drops are leopard blue; all to be mounted on silver findings.

Tired of sighing over UFO's I did finish up a few that were pending. Besides the added length/width to the runner I finished off the little French Hen that my cousin bought in France ~ a tiny counted x-stitched hen with beads. I mailed it in her Halloween card and she was surprised because she'd forgotten all about the piece. I also finished the backing on the bookmark I did for the Olympic Tatting. I went with felt on the back, trimmed with pinking shears to match the Colcha-embroidered mountains/trees that are an abstract triangular shape. I decided to use the wonderful cream ultra suede on a framed piece that I'm doing for the Pastor's Christmas remembrance.

It's Sharon Briggs Goblet done in white and deep wine (inside the cup) and a block tatted loaf of bread (for communion). I have a small woodcut print of Luther's confrontation with Zwengli over the Eucharist. I'm doing it in two sections, hinged. one side will be the woodcut mounted on the ultra suede and the other will have the tatting appliqued to matching ultra suede. I just need to find or have made the right frame ~ I'm thinking a Cathedral Window shape.

I've also tatted 5 notes in black; and found the Flora 20 worked up in a firmer motif than the Valdini - softer thread. These go with everything I've gathered together to applique on the bag for my friend. I have a natural colored bag that is medium size and the large denim bag. I'm thinking the denim although the black notes would show up better on the natural weave. At least it is all in one place and ready to go onto the bag.


tattrldy said...

Wow, you sound busy with a lot of projects going on. Would love to see some of them when you're done. Your church sounds a lot like ours, very few young people. We really enjoy the ones we have.

BJ said...

Thankyou for visiting and leaving a comment. I'll post photos of all the bits n pieces when I've finished. Hoping to finish the bag within the next week.
Church: LOL Yes, we say our "Youth Group" starts at age 60. The only children are Dannielle, Anthony and toddler, Faith (PK's).
We really enjoy Faith ~ she is so full of energy. Again, thank you for leaving a comment; really gave me a lift on this Saturday morning!