Friday, November 14, 2008

Let's Talk Turkey

Gobble Gobble! Tat's it! Taking a break from the 'shoulds' and 'ufo's', I tatted Mark Meyer's Turkey. (Valdini thread) I hope to tat a simple mini cross bookmark (enough for the guld) for the January meeting; as I'm the hostess for that brunch meeting. The only other thing I am tatting is the table runner and the 25-challenge. In January I'm tatting ear rings and looking at my 'get around tuit' list!
December looms and we aren't through Thanksgiving. DH bought a turkey for that day. I was thinking ummmm ~ reservations? But he actually likes to cook for two people. Don't misunderstand, I think that is really nice but. . .
Our house guest will be gone from Turkey Day and also at Christmas; so they've become just another day on the ridge for us! I'm looking for an 'up side' to this and I thought driving to Las Cruces or Tucson would be a nice change. I totally forgot (after 53 years) that DH does not drive any place on Holidays. It is a life rule!
I'm feeling nostalgic and old. I don't usually feel old; but there you go. . . I hope I don't become one of those dreadful elderly people who get all down in the mouth during holidays. I see that as a choice; therefore, I shan't choose that path! Actually I've been people-saturated of late; consequently, perhaps solitude during the holidays will be rejuvinating. Eating in doesn't mean staying at home and I do love turkey, stuffing, and Football! And an attitude of gratitude!
Perhaps I'm being too introspective; I tend towards being analytical, reflective about life. It is as though I need a distraction, some fun, something wacky and thoughtless. Did you know the root word for amusement is to "not think." I think I need to experience some amusement outside of the house and off the ridge. Perhaps this turkey should trot!


LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

I LOVE the turkey Bev! Enjoy your holiday! ....I don't have an oven so no turkey for us this will be interesting! (:

Maureen said...

Do what we do, Bev: because my own birthday is so close to Christmas, we like to spread the celebrations over a few days - one for the family dinner and party, another day for just the two of us, going out for lunch, perhaps a third day of indulgence at a concert or show. Have your lovely quiet dinner together, and then go somewhere nice after the crowds have gone home!

BJ said...

Hi Sherry! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Oh I comisserate with the 'no oven' I was without one for about 13 years at one time in my life. If your microwave is large enough, it is possible to at least have a small turkey breast (providing you can buy one there)! Necessity is the mother of invention~it is said~ so I'm sure you'll think of something good! hugs, Bev

BJ said...

Hi Maureen! We aren't close to any family (in miles) so no family dinners. But I'm thinking a day trip during the week, but not on the holiday. We really do like to "nest" and watch football. I love sports ~ although, I'd rather attend Baseball games than watch them on TV. I think I'm missing my 'potluck' I had on Christmas eve for many years. It wasn't a "you have to attend" affair; just a 'drop by if you can' But it was a lot of laughter and gift exchange. The trade off now is that we are able to go to evening services; and, sometimes someone hosts a 'get together' from our Church; so we all eat together and watch football or . . . I'm sure we'll think of something. I'm just feeling a bit blue right now; but it will pass.
I better start tatting those 25 small cross bookmarks! LOL
and take my own advice, "Keep Looking UP!"
Thank you for visiting and leaving me a comment.
X Bev

Jane Eborall said...

Come on, Bev. Get rid of the 'I feel old' feeling and get back to normal!!! We can't have you getting down just cause it's the 'silly season'. From a grumpy old (ish) Jane

BJ said...

Thank you Jane for giving this "silly old moo" a kick in the tush and a reality check.
'tisn't the season so much as "life happenings" at this past week. And I KNOW you can relate to that; with your "Pa" and all. . .!
This too will pass; in fact! Check out the new post! hehehehe
XXBev aka Ridgetatter