Saturday, November 15, 2008


Kim Millar design with motif from Patti's Mini Tats, and Tatting Collage. Tatted for the Denim bag project with Flora Black, size 20 thread. I haven't blocked these as yet, so they were pinned for the scan. I have such time getting pieces to stay 'straight' or "curved" when I place them for scanning and put the background over them! Donna, who will receive the project, is our Church's organist/pianist/chorale director; and, her interests are principally music and gardening. Consequently there are lots of leaves, gardening tools, notes and a large sunhat to be appliqued to the bag. It is large enough to carry her sheet music on Sunday Mornings or Bible and ntoes for Thursday morning Bible Study. Besides, I found out she "loves bags" ~ I learned this quite by accident at the Oktoberfest when she bid on what turned out to be a cute cloth bag from Vera bags. The bag she won is about 8' wide and 6" deep; she thought it was perfect for quick trips to town.
Since I'm mounting these on a Denim blue bag, I will tat a chain for the bars of the music on a white rectangle and apply that to the bag. I found that if one does a lock stitch on the staff of the notes; there is less of a tendency for a curve. I was very pleased with the first motif on the far left. Less so with the one on the far right, but "it'll do." The staff is actually straighter than it shows, but it wouldn't stay in place!
I called the Guild president to find out how many ladies regularly attend (I only am able to go, at the most, three times a year ~ one of which I host in the social hall~ of course DH does all the actual 'work'). I found that usually up to 25 ladies attend, if everyone shows up! So, I'll make 25 mini cross bookmarks for the January meeting ~ probably in deep purple (LWML color) with a central bead; or perhaps, small seed bead on the end picots of the cross arm and top (the bottom will have the long 'tassel'). I'm trying to keep it simple so I do not bite off more than I can chew! I've chosen a simple mini-cross from Lindsay Roger's, Tatting Collage. I really like that little book; and, Patti Duff's Mini Tats. Both are well worth their price!
Grandson Christopher and I played phone tag yesterday. It was his 20Th birthday; he is a student down at Cal Poly, Santa Barbara. He lives in Goleta, so I had some concern because of the fires in that area. It seems just yesterday that he was picking daisy's in the outfield during "T-Ball" little league. Hard to tell at that age (he was a year younger than everyone else because his birthday is in November) that he would be a perennial All Star in Baseball; and, a pretty good pass receiver in football! He was very happy because his parents gave him a new bed for his birthday! I never know what to buy for him any longer. Usually I send a check, but I really dislike sending money as a gift. Seems so impersonal; however, I'm sure young people can always use $$. The last time I saw him, he was 'hinting' about a nice dress suit. However, he'd have to pick that out himself at any rate. I'm just glad that he, like his Grandfather Davis, likes to dress in a suit and tie; with an appreciation of style!


Jane Eborall said...

BUT make it a happy, happy, happy tune. Dance, gal, dance. I'll dance with you.
PS Send me the tune too, please!!!!

BJ said...

Oh "Absolutivily" ~ happy dance; think SNOOPY cartoon. I tried, in vain to upload another couple of photos but blogger said no ~ grrrr
ANYWAY I will send you a happy tune; and we can dance away with daisy chain crowns in our hair!
I will try the second half of my intended post re: A New Note and a Blue Moon. Blue Moon photo's just would not upload....
XXXX Bev aka Ridgetatter

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Hi BJ - I've been wanting to visit your blog for awhile! I am amazed at all you do! The music notes are charming! I was once asked if I cound tat a music note, and I was rather stumped as to how to go about it and never did one! I thought I could just do an outline in split rings but didn't think it would look too interesting. What neat designs - very clever!

BJ said...

Hi Kathy, Thanks for stopping by AND for leaving a comment. Yes, the notes are very clever and as noted the 'idea' came from Kim Millar in 2002. I found them as free on line patterns. I think the idea of split rings for straight lines would do; but the chains with vsp work very well and are easy. If you do a lock stitch at each vsp. there is less tendency towards the chain bending. I finally caught on to doing that on the third note. LOL
It is an easy go. At the top is a ring of 6ds (or a JK)and reverse the work. LJ and chain 5ds with vsp (joining picots) Tat as many ds as works best with the small rund motif. I made mine in two stages. Tatted the motif, and then the staff. The trick was figuring out how many sets of 5 to a vsp would work for height. She suggests doing 8 - 5ds groups.
Both Tatting Collage and Pat's Mini Tats are good sources for 1" motif.
Happy Tatting!