Tuesday, November 18, 2008


A Tatting Moon on The Ridge. This frosty, new moon appeared the first week of November and brought nights in the 20's; but the days remain in the 70's. A view from our kitchen window! Behind our rock fence and across Grandview Road, are pinion and a few cedars. Over the rise there are neighbors. In the five years we've lived here; we've met the lady of that home once, when she came by to greet her new neighbors. Most folks on the ridge work in town; at least, those who aren't retired. This New Moon stimulated me towards tatting at apace and much is being accomplished.

BELOW: Bookmark, a Favor, for Celeste, based upon the pattern as described in the next paragraph. Size 40 Rainbow Bright HDT with red as a 'tail' (I trimmed the tail about an inch before mailing to get a more balanced look; it was a tat long)

PROGRESS: Below is the fourth of 25 simple cross book marks that I am tatting for the January Guild Meeting favor. From Tatting Collage (Lindsay Rogers) page 26 is this lovely mini cross (in size 10 it is almost 2" tall, in size 40 it is about 1 ") There are 9 dark lavender. Delicia beads, 15/0 on each cross. I decided to tat all 25 and then attach a 'tail' of six strands of thread. I may do Victorian set or Perle tatted tails for balance..

I had tatted two additional book marks. One is the same cross as pictured, shown in size 40 Rainbow Brite HDT (Pamela Meyers ~ Ireland) without beads. The other is by Gina Butler, a basic Ring-Chain Cross bookmark (sent off before scanned) also in the RB HDT. The first is for my friend Celeste, who in her eighties, fell at the hair stylist's shop resulting in a broken hip. Celeste has a replacement and is flourishing at Rehab Facility in Las Cruces. She is working hard at her therapy so she can return to her home and her dog. The other was for another acquaintance, Penny, a sister cancer survivor, who has had a virulent flu for three weeks. One of the challenges for cancer survivors is the fact that our immune systems are null. I enclosed the bookmarks in the cards which were posted right away. I find if I don't do it RIGHT NOW, it doesn't get done! I know from experience, how much cards and a thoughtful small gift can mean when one is laid up for awhile.


Maureen said...

What a lovely picture of your tatting moon! I'm glad you are accomplishing so much, my tatting has been put on hold so that I can knit two Christmas stockings for my twin grandchildren - it will be their first Christmas this year!

Jane Eborall said...

My grandson (Oscar) had a 'thing' about the moon when he was about 2!!! He loved it. I'll pack him up and send him to live with you - he'd be in his element!!!
LOVE the little crosses.

BJ said...

A first Christmas! How wonderful for the family. I remember praying for those little ones before they arrived. Christmas is really meaningful with little ones about...Jesus IS the reason for the Season. Thanks for the visit. Loyal took the photo as the moon was just rising and it was beginning to darken outside. He shuffled out and stood in from of the kitchen window to get the shot. He took about five, and they are all good, but this one shows our 'very English' rock wall. One of the reasons I wanted to buy this place! We have rock walls, steps (it's really quite a lot like visiting a park).
X Bev

BJ said...

Jane! thanks for the compliment on the crosses; means a lot to me. I wish I'd scanned the one I sent to Penny, but time was of essence.
Oscar would be welcomed to come and watch the moon with me ~ we could "howl" at the moon together!
The wildlife were very verbal that night, talking to one another.
X Bev

Marty said...

Beautiful picture, BJ. There's nothing quite like the clarity of a desert sky. The little crosses are really nice -- what a lucky group to have you donating them!

BJ said...

Hi Marty Good to her from you.
Well, the ladies in the Guild are all my "sisters" so the crosses are little 'gifts of love." I stll cherish the red-head angel that you tatted for me.
How was your cruise?

X Bev