Friday, November 21, 2008

Collecting and Tatting

Chinton 2008 " Hedgehog Merry Christmas" Shuttle arrived safely with a note from Erin. I now have three Chinton shuttles: A Dove, a Sunflower. and a Hedgehog! Erin shares, "We have a few others to be ready soon-including 2 rosewood shuttles with points with the 2 intertwined hearts , 5 cherry Celtic knots (the last one we did) and 3 cherry dragonflies with points." You can contact them at: They are lovely shuttles, with points like a Clover. My budget is at its limit at the moment, so perhaps you can benefit from my 'cutting back." LOL
That said, I'm anxiously awaiting my Lady Hoare invoice, so I can share with you my custom Lady Hoare from Dave at GrizzlyMountainArts. Also, a short cape (capelet) tatted by TotusMel from her ETSY store, that I can wear over scoop neck dresses in the cool spring, winter and cool high desert nights. I also succumbed to a temptation~ I bought a double bobbin Silent Shuttle from Roseground and a new R. Peele book (oh my!). The GMA shuttle is my 53 rd Wedding Anniversary gift (Oct) ; and, the short cape, my Christmas gift. I'm not a fan of coats and heavy sweaters ~ Generally I'm quite warm unless there is a heavy, frosty snow. So light covers, Ruana's and capes are just the thing for Bev.

I re connected with both the Advanced and Beginner's class these past weeks. The Beginner's because I missed the bonus class in '07 which was Split Chains. I find that unless I'm in a class and it is an assignment, I never "get around To it"!
I'm sitting with both Katie Vallee's Split Chain Fan (using the HDT Rainbow Bright) and from Jane Eborall's site; Marie Smith's Fast and Easy Split Chain" tutorial in my lap.
After that, I'm revisiting an exercise using the SR, Mock Picot, and Split Chain technique for the Advanced class (Antique Square Motif from Anna Valerire Book #3) If I complete the assignments and have results worth sharing, it will be posted in December.

On the ridge, the two "lovebirds" have gone for a week to El Paso to visit the fiance's family. Omar's uncle has a wonderful eatery along Hwy 10, near the Air port. It's a regular stop when we go to that area. Prices are good and food is excellent. It is only 47 degrees now at 1 o'clock, but the sun is shining. DH has gone to Wally World for odds n ends and, having sorted out threads and shuttles, I'm beginning my fist class assignment, The KV Fan. I'm having fits with learning the split chain technique. I'm sure, after I learn this, that it will be the same as my experiece with Split Rings. I'll shake my head in wonder and say, "But it really was easier than I thought it would be. . ." Alas, I'm no place near that thought today!


yarnplayer said...

Wow, you have been so busy!
I wish I could see the photo in your post; all that I see now is a red "x".

BJ said...

hummm beats me, shows up just fine when I log into the account. Check your browser (I have that same problem on sites everyonce in a while) Let's see if anyone else has a problem....
hugs, Bev

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

The new shuttles are lovely Bev!

yarnplayer said...

Now I can see the shuttles - they're gorgeous!

Maureen said...

I can see the picture with no problems - and I am dying to see the cape tatted by Totus! You must be sure to model it and take a picture to show us.
Just a thought - I was having trouble viewing Jon's blog, and commenting there - it was msn which is my usual browser which caused the problem. So now I read all the blogs through Explorer, and there's no more trouble, so it might be worth checking your browser, yarnplayer.

yarnplayer said...

BJ, I'd like to see you modeling the tatted cape, too!

Thank you, Maureen, I can see the photo now, and I use Explorer. I don't know what happened the other day, but everything is working fine now (knock on wood, LOL).

BJ said...

Hi All,

Ok, when I get the capelet, I'll have DH take a photo in my christmas dress with the scoop neck. It's really a draped neck in front; and frankly, I was too much of a sun worshiper when I was young (like the first 45 years) so my neck and chest have taken a beating; so the capelet is to cover a multitude of 'sins'. LOL
And I like that Victorian look. I'm going to where it when I do a tatting demo (hopefully) during Victorian Christamas at the Silver Museum. I'll let you know if that actually happens, I have to get in touch with the lady who is the Prez ~ we're playing phone tag...
I can't wait to play with my new shuttles.