Sunday, November 23, 2008


Below are links that lead me towards learning new techniques in tatting

Presently I am struggling with the technique of 'split chains.' I've received helpful text and photos from Marie Smith and Jane Eborall (diagrams/visuals in her Pattern Section). In my search I came across the links to Jon's Thread Escapade, which has a list on the left side of her blog for all sorts of learning visuals with text. I encourage you to check out the links I have listed if you want to learn a new technique or review an old one. I am thankful for these tatters who generously give of their time and talent in helping those of us who love this art form.
There is really no excuse (except perhaps, a lack of time) to not learn something new!

Jon's Thread Escapade: Wrapping a plastic ring with double-stitches


***Jon**** said...

Hi BJ,
So glad that you find my tutorial helpful. I agree with you about the lack of time. There are still many techniques that I have yet to learn and I can't seem to slot them into my day. Some day I'll get them done, :-)

wickedtats said...

Go BJ go! I recently spent a while looking up "josephine chains" - I'm all for learning the new stuff!!!! GO GO GO!

BJ said...

Hi Jon! I've found many of your tutorials helpful. You are so prolific and do such neat work. I enjoy visiting you; thanks for visiting Ridgetatter.

BJ said...

Hi Aileen, I do so love visiting you and Ellen L.'s blogs. Looked like you gals were having a good time and that cake was spectacular!
Josephine chains ~ Did you find what you were looking for? You have a number of books, If you have Judith Conner's Illustrated Dictionary of Tatting; it tells how to do a Josephine chain. (a chain composed of only 1/2 stitches ~ I generally use the second stitch of a ds; but one can use either) I think of it as a 'spiral' stitch because of the effect. Depending on which stitch you choose it will'spiral' left or right! Kind of neat.
I'm so glad you, Ellen and R are able to get together and tat. I think Ellen do jusst amaing work and I'm proud to own two of her scissor fobs (an exchange).
Thanks for viiting ~

singtatter said...

Dear BJ,you really make me feel at the top of the world! Thanks! Have you managed the split chain ? I specially like the diagram from this link, check it out: