Wednesday, November 26, 2008


One Lesson Completed! Advanced Exercise
Scanned as they lay on the plate. . .

PHOTO AT LEFT. "Free Style" Online Class Assignment presented to us by Georgia Seitz. Since it is 'free' tatting I exercised some tatter's license to follow the first part of the exercise and end off with a whimsical double picot flower spray. I used Valdini size 12 perle cotton in both examples, with Fall Colors. I used two shuttles for this exercise and added in a third shuttle.
PHOTO AT RIGHT. The 'tendril' is actually the exercises from pages 5, 6 of Helen Siepmann's, "Tatting: Artistry in Thread," and Page 9's Plant Basics using the 'creative' stitch and 'five new knotting' stitches. I didn't want to waste the exercises from pages five and six, so I incorporated them into the final design (for posterity).
I had never done wrapping of chains before (non-flipped stitches. If you can do a split ring, you can do the non-flipped 'wrapping') I used 3 shuttles for this exercise. I had used 3 shuttles for perle tatting on a leaf's stem before. It took a bit for me to 'get' Ms Seipmann's terminology, but the directions are very clearly written. I had no problems completing the second piece. It was just different stitch names given for stitches I already knew; IE: lock stitch/creative stitch.
THIS could become truly addictive as a tatting style. I could think of all sorts of pastoral and scenic views of ponds, little houses, birds and flowers on painted silk backgrounds; or even backgrounds with oils or water-colour pencils. I'm not as intrigued by using the technique as something worn as I am with the other creative options. Although, I can see artfully arranged elements used on clothing could be quite nice.
I was amazed that I had no sense of time passing as I contemplated and added. Having a hemostat would be a plus. A bit tricky to hold one's bundles; however, I overcame that by making a lock stitch after each element and that held it in place as I worked. This was 30 minutes of PURE fun!


LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Oh Wow! Look at you! Great job's fantastic!

BJ said...

Oh Thank you! Means a lot coming from you, since you are an artist yourself! It is so much fun... I love the creative process.
Thank you for the compliment but even more so for visiting me!
I was excited to learn how to use a blunt tapestry needle to 'wrap' the tiny bits. Perhaps I'll even get to do some of the VanderBeek Bloomquist work. yeah!
Happy Thanksgiving far across the sea!
love and hugs, Bev

Jane Eborall said...

That's absolutely fantastic. You've got me now dying to have a go. I've not done this exercise yet. Will have to see what shuttles are loaded and ready in tat corner!!! Great work. Now, gal, back to practice the split chains - you've had your fun!!!!!

BJ said...

Yes, Jane! YOU know how easily distracted I am! LOL I prize your praise! WOW (it shan't go to my head) I'll save 'free tatting' as a reward for completing my split chain exercises and becoming more proficient at that technique. You have patterns that I want to do that call for a SC AND SCMR (my next challange is to not forget to go through the loop ~ duhhh) Don't want my encouragement team to loose patience with me, for being an easily distracted 'moo'~
Today is Thanksgiving and all of my attention is upon my dear Loyal; no distractions until evening ~ then I will begin my split chain fan. It will be a lot slower going; like most folks I love semi instant gratification!
XX Bev

Martha said...

These free form flowers look like they were fun. Maybe I should pull out my Siepmann book

BJ said...

Oh Martha. I can't begin to imagine the wonderful work you could accomplish with Helma's books. Would indeed be something to behond from your shuttles.
XX Bev

sally said...

Hello Bev

They are beautiful, wonder whether I would be able to do something similar! Thank you for the prayers.

BJ said...

Absolutely. Looks much more involved than it actually is ~ at least the basic flowers. Georgia was taught by Helma and so the online class is a good place to learn. just contact It is free and is a lot of fun and a person learns a geat deal. There is a Beginning and Advanced Class...
Basically this is chain sitch, rings with picots, and encapsulation. One used an additional tapestry needle for the small area of encapsulation and Helma's was shuttles only. It is a great deal of fun and relaxing.
I KNOW you could do it...give it a try.
hugs, Bev

sally said...

Thank you Bev, going to try. And will keep you posted.

TattingChic said...

Lovely little bits of tatting, Bev!

BJ said...

Thank you TattingChic! I think I found my 'niche' LOL
Does not mean I will quit striving to learn; and, tat that First doiley. . but. . just soooo
relaxing to free retro tatting, creating a composition.