Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This pair of tatted earrings is based on a simple clover-leaf pattern designed by Sheila York and published in the Autumn of 1989 ~ Ring of Tatters.
Silk HDT called "Helm's Deep" by Yarnplayer and Delecia pearl beads (15) with a lavender CZ drop. The earrings were made for my daughter Kristen whose favorite color is lavender.
It was very difficult to get a decent photo of these sparkly ear bobs ~ and the color of the thread runs from deep lavender to lavender blue. My DH took the photo for me. My photos were to washed out! I hope Kristen likes them~

I have made headway on the never-ending table runner! I was tatting it at my Doctor's office and she wanted me to lay it out so she could see it; then, she asked, "Do you think you will ever finish it?" In my ears, that is like saying "sic em" to a dog! A little voice inside said, "just hide and see" LOL. Aloud I replied, "I hope so!"

Apparently my blood pressure is causing her concern ~ stroke was mentioned; soooo, I now have another Beta Blocker. The good news is I have lost another 3 pounds by just cutting down the size of my portions. Plus I don't have a lot of appetite... So I've now lost around 20 pounds in the past year~ Yeah for me! I've been on the new, tiny pill for 2 days and my BP has dropped appreciably. I'm fortunate that I don't have many medications. Just cholesterol, Norvasc, a water pill and now this new Beta Blocker. I also take potassium and vitamin C for my sluggish kidneys. I've been under a lot of family and financial stress lately (seems to be a lot of that going around within our 'tatting' family) and that apparently hasn't helped the situation.

It is a small world~ Jane Eborall referred a lady (Anne) to me who lives near Silver City who wants to learn to shuttle tat! I'm so excited and am looking forward to meeting with her. She has joined in E-Tatters and I hope we are able to get together soon and get her started! Anne was very surprised to find out that a person in England knew a Tatter in Silver City! I'll keep you posted on my new student's progress. I think I'm more excited than Anne! LOL

The Victorian caplet (covers shoulders, back, neck and chest) that TOTUSMEL needle tatted arrived in the mail today. I'm so tickled ~ I thought it would look very nice in a marled ecru with a brown ribbon to wear over my deep teal velvet Christmas dress. As with most older ladies, the sun has taken its toll on my neck and chest over the years. All that sun bathing and swimming! It was in my mind that this capelet would look classic and lady-like. One aspires to grow old gracefully! :>) If we can get a decent photo, I'll post it...cross your fingers.

Christmas: This year I've cut way back on my Christmas spending but I had already purchased my son-in-Love's gift. (don't worry, I doubt he reads my blog). You know that movie, The Chrismas Story about the little boy who wants a Red Ryder BB Gun? Well, there is a lamp in the story ~ a woman's leg, clad in black fish net with a fancy, fringed lampshade. I found, in one of my catalogs, that very lamp! For those of you who like to watch sports programs; you will know PTI has one in the background on their set. I called the daughter, BB, and asked her if she'd object to this 'unusual' (tacky?) lamp and she was laughing so hard that it took her awhile to say, "That would be great for his Man-Cave" I can't wait until Christmas to get his reaction~ BB kept remembering when her dad barb o cued Cornish game hens and the Basenji, "George of the jungle" grabbed his and made off to the other end of the yard. A similar scene takes place in the movie ~ That is why she was laughing so hard. Richard watches the Christmas Story Marathon every Christmas Day! Everyone else is getting rather pedestrian gifts, but SIL looks forward to his 'quirky' MIL's offerings. He is a really good guy~and we are thicker than thieves.


Jane Eborall said...

Well, Bev, you are intending to grow old gracefully? I'm intending to do it disgracefully!!!!! Whooping and shouting and tatting til the end!!!

Marty said...

The earrings are beautiful--how could she not like them? You have me giggling like a crazy woman over the leg-lamp (and I'm at work!). Please do tell us his reaction!

BJ said...

Oh Jane, I don't think what you described IS growing old "disgracefully" LOL I'm much to boisterous and sometimes rowdy to not whoop, shout on occassion and tatting ~ FOR SURE.
Gracefully, to me means not being a tight-lipped old curmudgeon, who goes "tsk tsk" LOL
So I'll be there whooping and tatting right with you....

BJ said...

Hi Marty, Thanks for visiting. I'll let you know his reaction. I'm given to 'listning' to what family says about items thy see and he loved th lamp in the movie. I'm glad my daughter went for it ~ she and her decorator are very choosy about what goes in the house. (BB entertains a lot). Plus she is a perfectionist (whe blames being an over achiever and type A on her parents; while, DH and I look at one another and go "You talkin' to me????" LOL
She thinks I'm an over achiever (well I was in HS and Univeristy; but, have 'relaxed' in my 'golden' years.....
hugs, Bev

Gina said...

Merry Christmas Bev!