Thursday, December 25, 2008

Secret Santa!

This is the Secret Santa gift I received in the mail. These were the clues. She lives in eastern USA, has two cats and knits as well as tats. I totally guessd wrong! A little Christmas Bird told me her name is Carolyn G. Carolyn made these great bags with clever ribbons sewn in the side seam, and each had one or two remembrances inside. DH took the photos, so if you can not see clearly, talk to

Included are darling tatted stars, a snowflake sun catcher, M&M candies, a beautiful shade of blue with metallic AB thread, and a key chain that has a bauble that is tatted 'round with beads; also, a pretty needlepoint pin cushion. I was Very Good, (for me) and did not touch or pinch the bags (DH removed them from the shipping box and set them under the tree) prior to Christmas. But they were the FIRST thing I opened this Christmas morning. Thank you so much Carolyn, with the two cats ~ I imagine with the cold, they are still hanging around the heater vents! Our house cat has been looking out the window ~ alas, no snow in our part of the world this Christmas Day.

However, the day after Christmas brought a proper snow storm ~ a white out with wind speeds up to 50 mph! Of course, we ended up with only 2" of snow and -2 degrees. The sun is now shining, it will soon melt; but, Bev did get her Christmas snow! hehehe

Secret Santa is the only exchange in which I participate. Partly due to the fact that I am a slow tatter, and partly due to the fact that I like an International participant and postage internationally is expensive! Gina's Secret Santa (Tatting Goddess) exchange is perfect for me. I love taking up the year collecting the goodies and at the last bit, trying to make a 'wish' come true for the person I get in the 'draw'. I find this to be in the true spirit of giving. But I also find it is difficult to remain a "secret" because there just are not that many tatters in New Mexico! I'm thinking, next year, of driving a couple of hours and mailing the pkg from AZ or Texas! LOL There are, to my knowledge, 3 other tatters in New Mexico; and, one that wants to learn shuttle tatting right here in Silver City. Well, nearly here; fourteen miles from town; but we have yet to get together to begin helping her with the shuttle tatting.


Anonymous said...

well, maybe 4--I live in Roswell. Don't have time to tat much but I do little things like Christmas ornaments. I read blogs but don't have my own and don't often have the time to comment.

sending this anonymous because my Google password won't work--I'll try again later when I get that worked out.

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

Very nice BJ!!! Looks like some pretty awesome goodies there!!!!

I would be glad to send you about half of my 'white' stuff!!!

LOL in fact I am in the middle of reading a book about New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah,,,Navajo lands. It is by Tony Hillarman (sp).

Have a great week!!!

Tatskool said...

It all looks lovely. The bags are gorgeous as well as the tatting.

Happy Christmas to you both.

BJ said...

Hi Anne. Oh Goody! Another NM Tatter ~ we are a rare breed in this state. Yeah, I have the same experience sometimes; with passwd not being accepted. Thanks for leaving a comment and reading my tattign journey. Welcome aboard!

BJ said...

Hey Connie. I have always loved Hillerman's books ~ our part of NM isn't the same landscape; and, I'll take some of your snow. We just have drizzle and gre! I could have stayed in CA and had that same weather...bummer.
Happy Tatting.

BJ said...

Hi Pamela, Good to hear from Ireland! Yes, I was really intrigued by the little bags; and the thread is interesting too...obviously a talented person.
love, Bev

Tattycat said...

Hi B.J. The goodies you received are very nice. I'm sure it was fun opening them. Can you please email me at lblanton2750 at so I can add you to the Leprechaun page?

BJ said...

Hi! Replied off site. Thanks for dropping by....

BJ said...

Tattycat: I sent an e-mail to the addy you gave, and received a notice that it bounced. yes, I changed the at to @ and all that good stuff. LOL

I'll try again. :>)