Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I, regretfully, missed the on-line tatting class on Super Bowl Sunday. I was at a Super Bowl Party. An unusual outing for me as I hardly ever go to parties (although I am invited); I decided to go because my friend Donna has invited me over on many occasions. Frankly, I was a bit embarrassed that I had not visited in her home or responded to her overtures. My only excuse is Bev's getting out is akin to taking toddlers which is a mini safari. The party was a lot of fun, there was a lot of good food from which to choose.

Tatting: During the commercial breaks I worked on an edging for my Secret Sister at Guild. Valentine's is our Secret Sister Reveal and I'm putting together a gift bag of things that she will enjoy. She is an acrylic artist, so there are acrylic paints, a sable brush, some good paper, the tatted hankie and a gift cupon for a manicure. (her nails always look beautiful) She is in her 80's but a very Modern Millie...

I managed to meet the deadline for the Valentine Tea Towel exchange put on by Karey Solomon. My recipient lives in the east...this was so far outside my comfort zone. It taught me one lesson. Do not sign up for exchanges until you understand what is going to be exchanged! I do not sew ~ I know, it is the bain of my life! I always wanted to learn but my mother wasn't disposed to teach me. Then, in grammar school I flunked facings and fought with the tension on the sewing machine. In time I just gave up! I do embroidery and am very picky about the backside of my work being as neat as the long runs of threads). Anyway, I did stitch down the entwined hearts done in size 100 silk thread; but I didn't like the way it looked on the back side....soooooo Off it came. Thankfully the material was quite forgiving. To compensate I've sent extra hearts, beads, findings, charms and goodies (no candy). I did tat a nice border on the tea towel as I was able to hide the stitches in the hem (a friend hemmed it for me on her sewing machine). It was an experience that I fretted over ~ and I hope she likes what is in her packet. it's the thought that counts......right? :>O

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