Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Taking Time to Tat...and tat...and tat!

From Karey Solomon's Creative Mind

The Basket of flowers pattern is in Karey's book,
"Make Many Merrily"

One of the reasons I love "Tatting Times" is that it fits beautifully in either my purse or my Roly Poly bag. (shameless ad here: $15/yr)

Promised to share about, "Tatting Times" by Karey Solomon during a recent post. First of all I love this month's cover...Lately, life is like that, right ? I mean, no matter our plans, we walk blindfolded towards the future.
Well, you don't have to walk blindly with these handy patterns. I particularly like the Clover leaf Fan and the multi-purpose edging. February's issue also had a heart and a cute Teapot with a button in the middle. This issue was dedicated to.....lockchains! Every pattern has lock chains (which are fun to do) I've done a couple of the Clover bookmarks...I think three. I don't remember which one this is: first or third, but the one that had the tassel added, left Silver City today.
BTW upcoming posts will cover my other TeaTowel from Stratford Upon Avon and a new shuttle!


Needledreams said...

I love Tatting times too! I haven't been able to subscribe for a few years because of all my travels but as soon as I establish permanently in USA or PR I'll subscribe again. I have all of Karey's books. They're my favorite and I travel with them everywhere. :-)

BJ said...

So good to hear from you, W. I have quite a few of her books, also ~ i need to work on my pearl technique so I can do the Tree of Life, an i want to do Sheep May Safely Graze, for sure. I'm not quite advanced enough for some of her patterns; but i love trying and also she is so good to take the time to give me help! She's a peach! I admireyour patterns, but again ~ I'm not up to that learning curve as yet...but i never give up~ :>) Thanks for visiting Ridgetatter...Silver City, NM

BJ said...

OOPS...Has anyone else noticed that when I put the basket down on the scanner ~ it fell on it's side!
It was past my bedtime and i didn't even notice. Wahhhhh :>)
I love that little basket pattern! Really great for greeting cards, or gift cute....and so easy to adapt.