Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Secret Valentine ~ my Beary Valentine

The Secret Valentine was mailed and received. My Secret Valentine is no longer a secret and is (Tah Dahhh) Karey S. We were to tat a motif and apply it upon a Tea Towel...I had a hard time finding a towel, let alone sewing down an applique; however, Karey had no such difficulties ~ amidst her busy schedule she managed to send a friend for "Dom." (Pamela Meyer's creation)
Dom, the leprechaun is clutching his Christmas angel (still) and he loves the angel hanging around Karey Bear's neck! Also, he was eying the M&M's; but Bev got first dibs on those. A lovely jacquard towel in a soft green with lavender heart with button, a border of forget-me-knots and tatted blocks, and a sweet tatted border. Karey bear is sitting on a nice hot pad that Karey made. Thank you Karey, it arrived on a day when I was not able to make it out of bed ~ what can be more fun than having a big box to open? Sure did brighten my Valentine's Day.

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