Monday, February 16, 2009


Work in Progress: I have some new (to me) patterns from Karey Solomon. One is a wonderful multi-purpose motif with alternating For-get-me Knots and small block tatting. I've chosen to do this in green, since March brings St. Patrick's Day. The 'sample' here hasn't been stiffened or blocked, just scanned. When it is completed I'll do it justice by blocking and lightly starching! This is great, much needed, practice for my block tatting adventures. I'm still working on nice, close lines for this element of tatting. I'm also working on a Cloverleaf Fan Bookmark ~ which I will share closer to St. Patrick Day when I indulge in a bit 'o Irish blarney!
Future Subjects: New book reviews, My Secret Valentine
I'm excited about two publications I have recently received. One is a new book from Rosemarie Peel, at Lacet; and, the other is something I managed to miss for over a year! Karey Solomon, who isn't one to toot her own horn, has a small booklet called "Tatting Times". Fits perfectly in my working Roly Poly tatting bag...Also, I hope to have a photo added of my Secret Valentine's Tea Towel exchange box contents; and, also a Avon-Upon-Stratford T-towel from Jane E.. Then too, there is the lovely Valentine Gift from my Secret Sister at Guild (Church)...Hint. She paints in oils and sells her work in a gallery locally!


Jane Eborall said...

Cripes, you're busy!!! I'm going to go and lie down - I'm exhausted just reading about your tatting adventures!

BJ said...

Yes, It's amazing how much I can get accomplished (tatted) when I'm not living on my laptop! LOL You're no slouch yourself in that department, mate. I even managed to get out my 5 thread exchanges this week!
X Bev

Maureen said...

Bev - just read this! - but isn't St Patrick's Day March 17th? - not February!

BJ said...

Maureen...Thank you! Wow, you actually DO read what I write...I've gone in and changed it...that's the problem with getting older and being retired. One day is like month like another - only the memory doesn't stay the same. LOL
Seriously, thank you for calling this to my attention. and thank you for visiting me again...
hugs, Bev