Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Leprechaun? Butterfly? Oh Yes!

Butterfly Kisses with pearls. Tatted with a softer thread for the body (Valdini) in green and hand-dyed thread; Lavender Orchid as designed by Inga Maden. I tatted in East Sacramento while on vacation.
It's flitting to Michigan as I type! I had ample time for tatting since my daughter's work kept her busy during the day. But we had lovely mornings, evenings and week ends. I'm happy to report that I finished all my UFO's and am now moving on towards finishing my monkey!
I guess it has become the new UFO! Oh My! My block tatting, so far, has been improving and my third monkey leg (yes, I've restarted him 3 times! It's hard being an over achiever) is looking very good. At least this one ended up with the foot pointing the right direction!
Misfortune was my lot as I twisted my knee while traveling through Wickenburg, AZ and tore the miniscus in the knee (OWWWW) While it slowed me considerably, I'd brought my "in case" cane, so hobbled on to Sacramento. Two and a half weeks in bed, with my leg up; and, I was able to walk around the last of my vacation.

Butterflies love gardens.
Even city slickers ( and a former ranch gal) never outgrow their love for gardens and gardening. This is just a peek at ingenuity ~ tiny tomatoes, green onions, lettuce, Kentucky Wonder beans, squash, even a lemon tree...a month of great salads
There's a Leprechaun in the succulent garden... Donnacha discovered SILove's new "shoe" with a baby succulent ~ his favorites. Daughter loves violas, daises, and other fragile beauties.. This is where Leprechaun, and DH spent their summer vacation. Bev, unfortunately, was mostly in her lovely room, the trip did take its toll ~ but she was able to spend some time enjoying the beauty of the back yard and was treated to an amazing dining out experience on her Birthday followed by a visit to a Desserts Only shop! Yum. When you visit East Sacramento, be sure to drive over towards Fair Oaks to Scott's and dine! It's "way" beyond eating.
Next Time, Donnacha takes you on his travels to Big Bear, CA for the fourth of July! He'll report back after the fourth. So far he has escaped twice. Once at the Apple Shed eatery in Tehatchapi, CA; and once in East Sacramento. Ridgetatter's DH found him hiding in the foliage! Dom is a true escape artist and he hates being zipped into the net portion of the bag of many zippers; but, if Bev lets him peek out ~ he promptly escapes! At least now that Bev can walk fairly normal again, she'll be able to keep up with him! Leapin' Leprechauns.....


Jane Eborall said...

REALLY good to have you back. Missed our chats. Hope the knee is truly better now. Take more tonic with the gin, lass!!!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Wonderful butterfly! I am sorry to hear about your knee accident....darn it! On the plus side it is great that you had so much time to tat. Your vacation sounds really nice and relaxing. Keep an eye on that tricky Dom, as you may know, my Brendan is still off galavanting around; naughty naughty Leps.
Thank you Bev for the wonderful comments on my blog! Keep up the good tatting work!

Ridgetatter said...

Yes, the knee is truly better, mate. Being at sea level was really good for the "old folks". DH had less arthritic swelling in his hands...and my feet stopped looking like Hairless Hobbits! SIL and Daughter are working on getting us back into that area. We looked at homes and Richard has a renovation company....hummm He says "I know a great contractor." (himself).
Well, I hate gin ~ so I'll pass on drinking varnish; but, a shot of Tequilla should do the job. LOL
Heading to Big Bear this AM (7/1).
X Bev

Ridgetatter said...

It IS a pretty pattern, LSMaker! I didn't do it full justice, but I like how it turned out. The pattern is a visual and doesn't say which way to go or how to do those joins of the small butterfly antenae with pearls ~ so I winged it (punny). Then I attached one small butterfly in the wrong picot...but on the whole, I was okay with the result. Looks nicer in person.
Yes, those pesky Leps are really escape artists. DH walks behind me and always checks around the dinner table to see if Dom has escaped! I'm sometimes oblivious.
hugs...Bj PS I'm so thankful for my faithful visitors!

Fox said...

The butterfly is wonderful! Hope by now the knee is as well. Welcome back! Fox : )

Maureen said...

What a beautiful home your daughter has! It sounds as though it will be the right thing for you to move, although leaving your home on the Ridge will be a wrench. Didn't you say once that you would always be Ridgetatter....?

Tatskool said...

Lovely to hear from you again, sorry about your injury, glad it's better.

It would be great if moving would be good for your health...both of you.

Glad DH keeps and eye on your Lep, 2 escapes would be more than coincidence. little blighters!

Lovely tatting.

Bonnie said...

Beautiful butterfly.