Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beautiful Tatting Gifts, Exchanges

This bit of Sunshine brightened my day in a "Thinking of You" envelope. It is like holding the sun; from Steph Wilson.
I have
the perfect 4", cobalt hourglass vase with fluted edge (circa 1940's) to sit upon a spot of sunshine!

my dear
tatting friends!

Butterfly design by Martha Ess

A Beautifully tatted Butterfly awaited my homecoming! DH was blown away by it's lacy, fragile beauty. It was Tatted by a new friend, and sister in Christ, Diane L. in Michigan. I've written and asked what thread size, colors. It is her exchange to me; and, I sent her a butterfly in her favorite colors! Green and lavender. I thought it was ironic that we BOTH chose to make the bodies of our butterflies in lavender. Hers in dark lavender and mine in light lavender.

I had a great deal of fun with DH taking photos of my Leprechaun, Donnacha. DH accidentally made a video with "Dom" and I...it is hilarious. But very few will EVER see or hear it! LOL
It was very hot driving across the Mojave and through Arizona. The top temperature was 115 degrees Fahrenheit when we stopped at a stand of Saguaro Cacti. You can read about some of Dom's adventures in the Leprechaun's Blog. DH received some mighty odd looks as he posed the small Leprechaun in various positions and places. However, since DH likes to take photos; he wasn't in the least fazed by their stares.
We had a very nice visit with old friends at our home church's service on Father's Day Sunday. Visited with daughter Kristen and went out for an ice cream treat.
Since SILove and daughter, BB, had fed us so royally on my natal; I took the "boys" out for a Father's Day dinner. We also were able to visit with each of our grandsons, individually. My, how they have grown...My Prince Christopher is now well over 6 feet! And Nate is just as handsome as ever. Tay came and we congratulated him on being accepted in the Architecture program at Cal Bear's home....Speaking of Bears...
Husband bought a carved Amber rose with sterling stem, leaves and r/w/blue dangly ear rings for the fourth, made of S. crystals; but, he also brought home a 21" tall carved, wooden (smiling) Bear for Donnacha to 'play' with and who will stand outside and guard our door/or welcome friends. Each time we've gone to Big Bear, Loyal buys me a bear and it ahs become a tradition. Usually they are small and carved in ironwood...We also went to an Arts and Crafts fair. My cousin gave me a beautiful reed constructed print of ginko leaves and koi fish. We sat and enjoyed barbcue and a live country western band while sitting in the shade. All in all it was a splendid vacation. We also 'scoped' out potential home site areas in Sacramento. Who knows? There may be a move in our future. We both felt better at sea level and I didn't have to take my oxygen into restuarants! I was free as a bird. . .


TattingChic said...

That butterfly is gorgeous! Love the colors! :)

Ridgetatter said...

It IS lovely work. She said it was her first time using direct tatting technique. NOW...how to keep it preserved and presented.
Any ideas?

Ridgetatter said...

Stephanie...if you visit my blog will you please send me your e-mail address? The one I have is bouncing..or you can reach me through In Tatters.

Martha said...

Dear Bev,
It looks like one of my free patterns from here: http://my.att.net/p/s/community.dll?ep=87&subpageid=258436&ck=
I hope she does send you the information about the thread she used.

Glad to hear you had a good time on your trip.

Ridgetatter said...

Hello Martha....yes, I agree it is one of your patterns. She did a fantastic job of it..you'ld be very pleased.
I'll insert the designer in my copy. I always like to give the details. This was her first exchange.
love, Bev

Tatskool said...

Too many things in that post to comment on them all, you have been so busy. Love the photo of Dom and the bear. he is a lucky lep.

Jane Eborall said...

Hey, Bev, I keep trying to email you but get an 'out of office' type reply. Need to talk to you!!!!

Ridgetatter said...

I'm sorry mate, I had forgot to remove the message from my e-mail in box. All fixed now though.
Not in hiding..just been tatting up a storm.

Hang in there..I sent you an e-mail.