Friday, July 3, 2009

The Johnson Cousins

The Johnson Cousins: Trudy Brown (Johnson) & B. J. Davis (Johnson)
Trudy's father was my Dad's older brother and his name was Frank. My Dad's name was Ralph but Grandma Dora called him "Rolf." Trudy's birthday is July 2 so we made sure to be back to Big Bear, CA by June 1! This is a photo taken at Trudy's friend who has a home on the Lake...and we had front row seats to the fireworks on his deck. It became very cold after the sun went down....The host brought me a goose down quilt and a footstool for my Hairless Hobbit feet! The Host with the Most!

Trudy and I have known one another since she was an infant and I was 3 1/2! During the War years (WWII) Uncle Frank had a small ranch where he had chickens, rabbits; vegetables and fruit. Also real butter! We rode in a Parade together with Uncle Frank's horses when we were very little. Although my parents and I traveled a great deal in my Dad's work, I loved always knowing there were my cousins and Uncle Frank and Aunt Sophie (Panamanian) to visit. When my children were young I made sure to take them to visit Uncle Frank and see his trotting ponies, and menagerie near Corona, CA. Trudy was born in the Panama Canal Zone. Frank and my Dad worked there building a Dam in the late 30's. She has a brother, Frank and a sister Georgie...who live in So Cal. One of our favorite pastimes as young girls was flying kites; another was roller skating. Good times, good memories. And the joy is that we keep building new memories...Like sharing fireworks over Big Bear Lake on the Fourth of July.

The Gardner's Alphabet. Counted x-stitch by Bev for Cousin Trudy at Big Bear. (Framing by Elliot's Photography, Scrap booking and Frame Shop, Marysville, CA)

Sharing this with those tatters who have gone with me through the x-stitch journey! Thankfully, Cousin loves it!


Jane Eborall said...

That's SO cute. Well done. Upwards and onwards to the next project, eh?

Bonnie said...

So pretty!

Tatskool said...

We ALL love it!

Maureen said...

You do so many things so well - the cross stitch is beautiful, congratulations on finishing it.

Martha said...

Lovely work, and such a nice job with the frame and mat too. That sure looks like a lot of stitches. I'm sure she loves it.

Maureen said...

The two of you look very much alike! - it's a lovely photo,

Elizabeth said...

I am so glad you have shared with us, and am very happy your 'trip' has been good.
Glad to hear from you!
The cross stitch came out very nice- I really don't have the paitiance for it any more- still have a king size cross stitch quilt top that has been put away for m a n yyyy years!