Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Update from Tucson

I would hope for a better news update; unfortunately, that isn't what you will get today. DH's surgery went very well, and he is strong in all other respects; a prime candidate for this experimental type of Thoracic valve replacement. However, turns out that this less invasive surgery is actually a lot more difficult to endure after the fact. There are two or more really tough days of pain ~ and that's where Loyal is at this moment. One of the nurses was keeping him 'gorked' on morphine and Percocet to the extent that he wasn't moving forward towards rehabilitation or walking. After a discussion with the Thoracic Surgeon and his Cardiac Dr. it was decided that he qualified for a less drastic form of pain control; and, it would not adversley affect his kidney function.
We are in hopes that tomorrow he will be less of a Zombie (the fourth day out from surgery; the surgery took longer than anticipated. 8 hours instead of four) It is difficult to see a loved one in pain; but, in this case one has to work through the pain. I know this is a possibility as I've done it after breast cancer so that I could reach high with both arms, later. It was execrutiating but worth the effort. Those of you who are praying, and he knows that your are praying ~ please pray God will give him the grit and grace to go forward and not quit. And we (Kristen and I) need the grace to stand by and be his cheerleader and encourager. He saw his granddaughter today and told her, groggily, "I love you." So he is at last recognizing people. Until next time, I'm still tatting in Tucson!
Thank you for your well wishes and prayers.


Maureen said...

Sorry that the news is worrying, Bev - I haven't forgotten you both, but am offline just now, as our new house isn't connected - no cables in the street. So I am in an internet cafe! But I did want to check your blog for news of Loyal. I will be thinking about you while I am offline.

H J said...

To Loyal and you,
Be well, get healthier, stay safe. You are in my thoughts and in my prayers.
HJ Hess

wickedtats said...


Tatskool said...

Thank you for keeping us updated. Hope that he will feel better and in less pain very soon. Hugs coming his way.

yarnplayer said...

Hope he is feeling much better very soon.

Martha said...

Dear Bev,

I'll be thinking of him and all the family.

wickedtats said...

Hi Bev. I've realised I don't ahve your email so I'm contacting you here.

I've been following what has happened and I really feel for you. I'm not too familiar with the geography in US. are you still staying at home?? Or are you temporarily staying somewhere closer to where Loyal is. Mayve you can drop me an email at ?

weaver_wool said...

Hi Bev, You know I am praying for both of you!
Keep strong and do keep us updated.
LoveYaSis, Sis Liz

Fox said...

My thoughts are with you and Loyal. Hope things improve quickly. Fox XXOOXX