Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Serendipitous September

Still in Tucson! Okay, I really like Tucson, it is one of my favorite cities to visit. But when all one does in go from motel to hospital, hospital to motel ~ well really, I'm ready to go home! I am thrilled to report that DH bathed himself today and is able to eat (although he has no real appetite). The Doctors, I've heard (they are hard to actually find) have decided Loyal may go home this week. He is doing physical therapy and walking all the way around the circuit; and, he can continue P T at our home. He is amazed at "how out of condition" he has become.
Can't share any tatting because I'm not at home with my scanner; and, forgot to bring my portable scanner; however, that does not mean I have not been tatting.
I've been free tatting to come up with a design for lesson four in Design-Tat. I could not concentrate enough to think of something to 'design', draw pictures. No visions in my head of any design. I just began with Sharon's first round as directed and then began to 'free tat' ~ not thinking of anything really. Used some split rings, mock picots and chains; just playing and not really trying anything. La, la, la, just moving along upon the thread with no real design in mind.
I began with size 10 lavender thread and discovered about 3/4 of the way into the free tatting, that I'd put one too many rings in the first round. The second go with was size 20 cobalt thread; as I basically liked what had happened with the lavender. OF COURSE, I came to the place where I'd tied a reef knot in some leftover thread wound back on that shuttle. Sigh. So I left the big lump that came when I tatted over the short ends. La, La, La! Rewinding CTM new thread on two shuttles, I've begun again ~ each time I've made a slight adjustment. It has become vaguely related to a cross (sort of like a maltese cross shape). At this point, it could finish it off as a square; it seems to want to go that way. But it could be a diamond shape, too. Or, even a heart shape. We shall see, we shall see. Who knows what will emerge?
DH kept asking, when he began talking again (cognitive skills came slowly last week); one of the first things he asked was, "Are you going to go have your hair styled? You are in civilization ~ be sure to get your hair styled." He doesn't know it, but I'm also going to have the van washed before we go home! On the 31st I stopped at Super Cuts and had the Super-cut III on Kris and I. Loyal was all smiles when his "girls" walked into the room freshly coiffed. What a guy!

I've been up to other "mischief" but only my closest friends get in on those escapades. We've (well I HAVE) been enjoying the various restaurants in Tucson. Good eateries are hard to come by in Silver. So we've had Olive Garden (I know, some of this is going to sound so pathetic to you!), Charro's (overpriced), Apple-bee's (music too loud this time) and last night my favorite treat to myself ~ East Indian cuisine! ahhhh chai, tandoori chicken, vegetable samosas ~ my cup runneth over. It is on Broadway at around 4600 block and is a quiet, restful eating experience at New Deli Indian Cuisine. I give it five stars. Mostly because the wait staff doesn't hover; just does their job and leaves one in peace and the music wasn't Ballywood, but was also lovely and peaceful. Did I mention it was so peaceful?
Well, the illusive physician is writing discharge orders as I keyboard; so will finish up and get back to my friends and the blog a bit later. :>) Big Smiles and happy dance, now a 3 1/2 hour drive home on Wednesday.


Krystle said...

What a great guy. Making sure you take care of yourself and get your hair all done! I remember my grandfather was in the hospital after a stroke, and the first thing he told me was to make sure grandma got to the cafeteria for dinner before it closed. Makes youngins like me happy to see good marriages that have lasted :-)

***Jon**** said...

It is wonderful that Loyal and you will be going home soon. I know there'll be a lot more work to do, but you are home, :)

Jane Eborall said...

Great news about Loyal. Mischief? What's mischief? I've never ever been into mischief!!! Snigger, snigger, snigger!!!

Ladytats said...

wonderful news BJ, glad that Loyal is doing so well that he can go home. and what a guy to think of you at this time. have a safe trip home.

Ridgetatter said...

Pleased to report that DH ate 2/3ds of a Marie Callander Pot Pie this evening at the motel. I think he will thrive on home cooking. When he had his first cardiac event back in the 90's, I went to Cardiac Rehab cooking classes. We've been eating that way since then, low fat, as little salt as possible (no prepared foods). I'm so glad to see him eat!
The drive home should be uneventful. There are a few small desert towns for rest stops between here and Silver and the road is a freeway and fairly straight.

Ahhhh Jane; mischief? How much mischief can an 'innocent' 73 year old get into ~ hehehe I'm a bit capricious, I admit. Don't plan to change!

The Lady Chaplain at the hospital actually knew I was tatting and said she had her grandmother's shuttles and a lot of her lacework. So, I told her she needed to get busy and put the shuttles to work because it would please her Grandma!

Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes, it was nice to know I was not alone and that DH was remembered! Hugs and smooches all 'round.

Marty said...

YeeeeeHawww! Glad Loyal is better and able to go home. I'm also glad you took care of yourself, had some adventures, and a hairdo!

Gina said...

I'm guessing you're home now and settling in. Probably a big sigh of relief when you set foot inside the door. There's no place like home! Here's looking forward to a speedy and comfortable as can be recovery!

Anonymous said...

Bev, I am so happy!!! Please do tell Loyal I am ssooooo happy everything is going so well!!!
My prayers still going west bound to all of you. Please do keep updates coming; I know you don't have time for indiv. emails right now, so will wait till you are safe at home.
LuvYaSis, Sis Liz

Tatskool said...

Wonderful news, you will both be so glad to get home.

Fox said...

Great news! : )) Fox

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Halloo my dear. Glad to hear yer hubby came through his surgery. What an ordeal for you both. I remember when my dad went through it.

My dear, you won a giveaway on my bloggie. Ye prolly didn't even know I was having one! But yer name was chosen and ye are the winner of a little barnwood "clock" birdhouse! Just a little decoration. I'll be mailing it off next week after the labor day holiday. Send addy! penniwig@gmail.com