Monday, September 7, 2009

Short but Sweet ~ A Winner At Last!

While Away I distracted myself by closely following all the blogs that I regularly follow. One of those is Ms. Penniwig's. I enjoy her vintage and colorful graphics and her blog is a lot of fun! Well, I won her blog give away and will post a photo later. I was flabbergasted ~ seriously. In my lifetime I've won: a personalized Dog Dish (not MY name), a pair of road runner ear rings (from the Silver Gem and Rockhound Show), and not much else. Loyal won one thing in his lifetime ~ a Trip for Two to Hawaii (I entered for him BTW) in 1996. So, now I have a third or fourth thing won in 73 years. LOL
It's a cute little old-fashioned "clock" birdhouse. Great for this household that loves birds! Loyal feeds the hummers copious amounts of liquid in his two feeders.


again, sleeping in our own bed. DH is eating better; home-cooked meals by Bev being better than hospital food. However, Tucson Heart had a really good menu and I can attest that their Trout Almandine was yummy! He says he thinks about all he needs to do but just doesn't have the energy to begin and feels as though he was run over by a pickup! We keep assuring him that his strength will return if he keeps eating and doing his physical therapy. After all, he was on the surgery table from 9:30 AM until 6 PM! That's a long time! He is walking some, and did finally get energy to use his electric razor; of course, he's been showering daily (Mr. Clean).
He doesn't seem depressed but his spirit is somewhat low as he had no idea how much this procedure would take out of him. I'm tempting him with low fat pot roast with veggies, low-fat meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and oven baked bar b cue pk chops and oven baked 'fries'. Plus nectarines, peaches and fruit in season. I even made him some gingersnaps!
All of this amazes my granddaughter who somehow, although we practically raised her, doesn't remember that Oma can cook! I haven't cooked for 2 years due to weakness, needing transfusions and being on oxygen; I'm a bit stronger now and I do all the prep work sitting down.
I'm getting acquainted with my new OS MAC BOOK (13" screen) and have added a Vector drawing program (LineForm) for Design-Tat class. Rebekah has a HUGE monitor I can connect to if I wish. I love this little MacBook. It's so portable, light weight and user friendly.
So handy to slip into my bag and just take off with my tatting supplies; Way Cool. Also added some apps to my IPOD, such as MobileMe, so I can send and read my e-mail if needed (and I'm in a wireless environment).
Finishing my LAST and FINAL offering for Lesson Four in Design class. I actually have completed 3; but they are all rejects. Number four will be the one I submit for class. I'm behind, but not so far that I can't catch up. And that as Minnie Pearl was wont to say is all the news from "Grinder Switch."


Ladytats said...

glad things are looking up. great that Loyal is slowly gaining energya nd that you are feeling up to doing more. will be interested to see your homework.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Halloo dearie! Thanks for the mention!

Hope ye continue to gain strength; I did not know you were having health problems. Knew yer hubby was, tho. That surgery is awful. It does knock a person down for quite awhile, and is very sobering and daunting to experience.

connie said...

Good to hear from you and great to hear some good news.
Please reassure hubby (I'm a nurse btw) low spirits (even depression and anger) are part of the post operative cardiac experience. If he knows to expect it and knows it will pass it may make it easier to deal with and talk about.
Connie A.