Sunday, September 13, 2009

Serendipitous September Continues

The Bard of Atascadero, George "Buddy" Zidbeck; beloved cousin and author. Wearing his chapeau adorned with an adaptation of edgings from a vintage tatting book. He was quite pleased to receive his gift. It is about 1-3/4" wide. Buddy requested "blue in color."

September continues to be filled with serendipity! Like The 3 Princes of Serendip via the author, Waldpole; I have made a few discoveries this month. First, I am able to do more than I thought, even if it is painful! Secondly, men who are recuperating seem to have little patience with their condition! A good sign though, yes?

And this discovery which I'd forgotten was hidden in my files on the MacBook; a photo of my cousin George Zidbeck, Atascadero, CA wearing the hat for which I tatted a hat-band some months ago. He is quite pleased with the result.

Buddy is a cousin on my father's side; being a nephew of the aunt who married my Father's brother (still with me?) He was born in Panama a few years ago, attended UCLA; and, is a published author of five books. The first, being "Lady Gemini", a story loosely based upon his mother's life. The Zidbeck saga continues through 2 books about Rosa and 3 books about his father, "Kid Scorpion" and the final book Aquarian Son, about the son of these two mismatched souls whose lives were ruined by alcohol. It is very good reading, and one can learn a great deal about Panama in the early days. The books are funny, sad, curious, and filled with the nostalgia of an era. They are a work of fiction, based on life experiences.

My father, too, went to Panama in the 30's with his older brother, Frank. Frank met and married Sophie (the sister of Rosa) and her daughter, Trudy (see Fourth of July posts and photo) is my very best, favorite cousin and we share a lot of history together. Trudy lives at Big Bear, CA.

Serendipity plagues my adventure in design. I have produced 5 tatted prototype motif; and, have finally settled on one that began looking like a turtle! However with one change, it has morphed into an interesting motif.

I'm having the devil of a time writing the pattern; and, if you ever have to write a tatting pattern you will have a great deal more patience with those who have and have published tatting books! Then, I discovered, that both of my printers do not want to work and the Dell has died, "ding dong, the Dell is dead!" Unfortunately my earlier photos were inside yon Dell.

At present I'm trying to sync my Mac with the new HP printer while the class has gone on to, possibly, lesson Seven! I'm stuck with lesson 5!

No fear, I shall rebound.

Unbelievable monsoon rains (even for Silver) late for the season have inundated the area. Huge drops (are they 1/3 cup each?) of rain come pelting through a lightening filled sky on the ridge, with thunderous top notes. Even the high desert needs moisture, so it is a mixed blessing. The area is so arid that there are no mud puddles, but many of the roads have rushing, brown mud-water passing over them. Today, however, was sunny with large cumulous clouds and deep, deep azure sky.

I look forward, wondering what serendipity lies around the corner here on the ridge for this old tatter.


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I'm not sure I miss the Las Cruces monsoons, and I can only imagine that Silver's are as scary. Our little house was backed up against an arroyo.

Those books sound interesting! Family hijinks can provide a lot of material. Alas, much of it is usually sad.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I love reading your posts... the words flow beautifully! I feel like I'm having a conversation with you.

I wish I had stuck with the Design-Tat class. So many tatters have learned so much from Sharon! Unfortunately, this has been an incredibly busy summer for me. I did get to start tatting again yesterday... a Japanese pattern... I'm going very slowly!

Glad to hear your husband is recuperating. My best to you both!

Gina said...

Don't worry ~ I'm still on lesson 5 too. You've got lots going on!