Monday, September 21, 2009

Last Day of Summer!

FALL IS IN THE AIR! The Trees are beginning to turn and the weatherperson said "A cold front is moving in. . ." The afternoons are lovely and DH has turned on the heat.
OCTOBER NEWS PREVIEW Be sure to visit Wickedtat's blog. A mystery giveaway is in the air and the deadline for getting in on it is coming soon! Look above Donnacha and Brother Bear on this blog for her addy. I've been the recipient of Wickedtat's gift giving and believe me, she packs a 'mean' box! (wild cackle, as it is in October)
THE SAGA of Design-Tat CONTINUES and the continuing struggle by Ridgetater has not abated! The design program being used by the class is Windows-based; and the free program I'm using is not adequate to the task. I mean, it can't be ME! LOL My first visual looks as though it were done by a very young child on an etch a sketch. Or someone who is demented (oh wait! That would be me)! If I were not demented already, I'm sure assignment four would have sent me there!
Then; and, I'm really not whining here (pass my glass, please); I have not fully adjusted to my MacBook and transferring a file to a pdf. that will upload. Oh, and let's just not discuss the fact that even though I've tatted this motif at least six times, there is no photo; and, I discovered, on the last written pattern, that the stitch count was off by ONE stitch and needed rewritten. In the interest of my reader's (presuming you are still with me) I'll stop right here. sigh However, I must thank Jane Eborall for her kind statement when I sent her a copy of my visual; I can't imagine she EVER produced anything similar. I began this class by saying, "Even though I'll never become a designer. . ." I can only say the statement was prophetic. However I do promise, no matter if it is barely adequate, to post a photo of the finished motif in the future. It's only fair after you have stayed at my side during this journey.
POSTCARD MANIA I signed up for the Postcard exchange at In Tatters forum.
My partner's cards are from Ireland, Scotland, Oregon and there are a few more to arrive ~ Oddly enough, Silver City misses the boat on postal cards. Why does this not surprise me. I'm thinking I should toddle, or waddle down, with my camera and get some shots of the truly interesting sites/sights in town. Tye-dyed, psychedelic T shirts worn by old, tired hippies, guitar players with dreadlocks, oh, and the art gallery on every corner. Pictures of the sights not seen in the four-color brochures prepared by the village wanna be'. Lest this seems harsh, I truly invite you to move here! The sites would be better, but not as much fun.
Silver has really lovely architectural interest. From the 1800's wild west, Antebellum, to the Victorian edifice which abound upon the narrow, one-way off streets.
In the spirit of fairness I must add that other areas seem to suffer the same sort of lack in their postcard selections, as evidenced by forum comments. My friend Madur in New Deli shared that her postal person required her to put the postcards inside of envelopes in order to mail them! I'm glad Silver didn't hear about that advice; sounds so like what they might practice.
Ironically, the new HOUSE series has begun on TV; and, since I'm doubting my sanity at present (motif+stitch count+Upload failure) I shall bid you adieu!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

You poor thing! I think that sometimes, doing everything through "technology" just ADDS to the confusion, instead of streamlining the process! All the strange programs to use, the uploading, downloading, transferring, on and on...UGH.

Had to laugh at your description of what you might find on the streets of

Isdihara said...

You're doing GREAT in the Design-Tat class! And you are not alone in the struggle to master vector-based design programs. I am falling two steps back with every baby step forward. But learning loads and loads along the way!

Love your blog!

Jane Eborall said...

Oh yes I did produce bad drawings - worse than yours!!! I think I started drawing around the time that Noah was building his ark so I've been doing it for a few years!!!! Don't beat yourself up. You're doing brilliantly.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I tried doing some drawings on my old computer with Appleworks, but that program's not compatible with my new MacBook. I found trying to draw designs very frustrating. I'm not an artist... I can't even doodle! If you come up with a solution, please share!

Eileene said...

Woman,I've looked for you everywhere. Dang it I finally found ya. Yipppppie. I now have a blog it . Come visit. I'm still tatting and now love crazy quilting. It looks great together. Later, Eileene Keep in touch. Hugs

Ridgetatter said...

The Old Dame is correct in her wisdom, Isidara is being very generous, and Jane knows I'd never beat myself up (that would HURT); and my MAC doesn't have a drawing program (as I was not far-signted enough to order the creative suite),(I'm trying to use paintbrush), Diane. What a clever woman to FIND me ~ hope your tests go well E. Why finding me would elicit a Yippee is beyond my ken. LOL B

Tatskool said...

Great post, can't wait to see your design, I am sure it will be fine and at least equal to my simple offerings.
You are doing great, Long live Mac' will get it in the end!

Ridgetatter said...

Thanks, Tatskool. I've just begun doing one of the other motif from design-class; in addition to yours. I'm using the Raspberry Ripple that you so kindly gave me with my order. I read the label wrong; so ignore my post on the digest. LOL I think it's time for Kris and I to both get to the optician's and get new glasses. I know, I've been saying that since 2007! Procrastinator! I worked up my LAST effort on my motif ~ can't follow MY OWN directions; anyhew, did it in the Chocolate sauce center with the Choco-Raspberry outer two rounds. Looks fab!
hugs, Bev
Yes, I love my MAC, too. It's just the "loose nut behind the keyboard."

Fox said...

Hi Bev, Good for you! I am so intimidated by that design class. I have yet to go there! As far as computer-driven graphics...phtttt!
Not yet! For shame, as I used to be a graphic artist!!!

Thinking about you a lot this past week. Hope you are dong well.
XOXO Fox : )